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CIVA 1.51 INS panel config

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The new 1.51 works well on the mouse. It incorporates a very useful guage that allows for automatic data entry (ADEU). This saves a lot of data entry on those frequently flown routes.The Civa download is available at panel config I use is this which places the ADEU nicely on the radio panel.INSTRUCTIONSBack up your panel config file first and rename it panel.bak or something similar. Make a copy and call it panel.cfg.Go to the Window 7 entry and cut and paste the following over it.There is one for the TCAS installation and one without. For panels with TCAS installed.//--------------------------------------------------------[Window07]file=radio_upper_xp2.bmp size_mm=975,565window_size_ratio=1.000 position=2visible=0ident=12gauge00=B732ADV!pdcs_cdu, 701,5,248,219gauge01=ILH_TCAS!Transponder, 674,227,301,136,pic:nogauge02=B732ADV!alt_alert_cont, 421,38,157,65gauge03=B732ADV!memory, 700,506,253,54gauge04=B732ADV!fo_gyro, 718,377,213,54gauge05=../civa/ins!cdu1, 2,0,315,243gauge06=../civa/INS!Adeu1, 320,378,349,99gauge07=RealityXP_WX500!RDR, 319,111,354,266gauge08=B732ADV!gyro_capt, 0,389,320,176//--------------------------------------------------------and for panels without TCAS installed//--------------------------------------------------------[Window07]file=radio_upper_xp2.bmp size_mm=975,565window_size_ratio=1.000 position=2visible=0ident=12gauge00=B732ADV!pdcs_cdu, 701,5,248,219gauge01=B732ADV!alt_alert_cont, 421,38,157,65gauge02=B732ADV!memory, 700,506,253,54gauge03=B732ADV!fo_gyro, 718,377,213,54gauge04=../civa/ins!cdu1, 2,0,315,243gauge05=../civa/INS!Adeu1, 320,378,349,99gauge06=RealityXP_WX500!RDR, 319,111,354,266gauge07=B732ADV!gyro_capt, 0,389,320,176//-------------------------------------------------------- Happy flying

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