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Problem in secret shuttle mission

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Hi all,I have a random problem with the secret shuttle mission. More than half the time I never get the "descend to 6000 ft" message. I also will get the message "we're too far north" after I've received "the gear down, flaps set, on short final" and clearance. The parts that fail, in no particular order, are:1) after the turn up Immigrant Valley (heading 010), nothing more except the radio EMI.2)on heading 010, at FL140, after clearance to land and "just keep on heading 010 for now"...and nothing further3) on heading 010, FL140, cleared to land, gear locked and flaps, ... no descent, no turnI can strong-arm the thing into landing, taxi to the parking spot, but never get a "mission completed" or the wry comment from the stewardess.I've run this mission dozens of times, but I can't figure out what trigger(s) I'm missing. Thanks for any help!p.s. Anyone know if the designer worked for the US Dept. of Energy late in the cold war>? That landing comment is pretty close to one I used to hear often. I could not stop laughing the first time I heard it coming from my PC. Talk about deja vu!

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