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Upgraded memory - is there some settings to fs9 or system I need to do?

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Paul- Interesting!! Could you give us some indication of performance gain? FPS increase?I've been pondering this for my "Smithsonian class" processor-AMD 1.8GHz with 1.28 GB RAM driving triple GeForce FX5200 vid cards- triple views on triple mons. Same Ram type as yours- DDR PC3200So far the consensus has been that RAM in excess of 1GB won't do much for you in FS9. However, with 3 mons/3 views I keep wondering if more might perhaps be useful. I got a 20+% FPS gain going up from 768GB to 1.28. If I tried this, I also, would go for 2 matched 1GB sticks.The one setting I can suggest to you, is for Virtual Memory- set it to "Let System Manage". Seemed to help my performance.Anxious to hear of your results with this upgrade.Alex Reid CYYJ

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