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TouchBuddy SW issue with LevelD 767 running under FS9

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In an attempt to interface a Touch Screen with LevelD 767, I've discovered that it is not possible to send some key press commands. For example, I'm not able to turn on or off, the Flight Director by sending a "CTL F" when I have the LevelD 767 running under FS9. But, if I send a "CTL F" directly from the keyboard on the PC running FS9, it does toggle the Flight Director on and off. The second case is, if I load the default Boeing 737, I'm able to turn the flight director on or off using TouchBuddy SW via the touch screen. The TouchBuddy works great with IL-2, Falcon 4.0, and default planes in FS9 and FSX, although I have yet to complete all the FS9 and FSX profiles I'm building.It appears that either the LevelD 767 software is blocking or ignoring the TouchBuddy SW. I should also point out that I also have GoFlight SW running as well, but I believe I was able to disable this SW to rule out the possibility there may have been interference because of GoFlight.My goal was to develop a screen for the MCP (flight director) to show the feasibility of interfacing with a complex add-on like the LevelD 767.....a few of my friends are flying the particular A/C add-on. Configuration - I'm running the TouchBuddy SW over a network with the touch screen on the Client machine and FS9 as the server on the 2nd machine. Both PC's are running Windows XP. Anybody running into this issue on their systems?BTW - I love this SW and I believe there are many opportunities, maybe even more than the combat sims, for those using FS9 or FSX to simplify the User Interface via touch screen technology. Bill

Bill Clark

Member of SimFlite (Southern California)

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