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Request for help on GAP LGTT Installation with Attica Photo-Real

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Can anyone explain exactly what is meant by this instruction in the installation documentation from the new Greek Airports Project LGTT?"Also if you are using the ATTICA_PHOTOREAL scenery found athttp://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...a_photoreal.zipand developed by John Dermitzakis, you will have to replace the following files which will help smooth out differences in the photoreal scenery. In this case you do not need to keep backups since these files can be in the compressed file attikatatoi.zip in the installation.Step 1:Please place the files provided with in the [Your FS directory] AddonSceneryATTICA_PHOTOREALATTICA3texture folder overwriting the existing files.The original files can be found in the "texturebc" folder provided.Step 2:Locate the ATTICA_AF_OBJECTS and remove the following files:AF2_LGTT.bglLGTT_objects_OB1.bglBackup of these files are also provided." I managed to do step 2 but I cannot find the "texturebc" folder and I am not sure which files should go where for step 1.Any help welcomed.

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