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FS9 How to: Proportional braking via Joystick button

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If you don't like slamming on the brakes when you hit the brake button on your joystick, you may like this;You can change the braking force of the brake button, but you'll need a registered FSUIPC for this so if you have one, continue reading. This will take about 5 minutes to complete the procedure. First, we'll delete the joystick assignment in Flight Simulator:1. Go to Options -> Controls -> Assignments. 2. Select "General Aircraft Commands" from the Event Category pull-down menu.3. Click on the "Brakes apply/release" line (3rd one)4. Click on the "Delete Joystick Assignment" button5. We're done here, close the Assignments Window.Now we'll re-assign brake button via FSUIPC:1. Select FSUIPC from the Options pull-down menu.2. Select "Buttons + Switches" tab on the FSUIPC screen.3. Now press the brake button on your joystick, you'll see several menu items are activated.4. Select the "Select for FS control" option.5. Find and select the "Brakes" item in the "Control sent when button pressed" pull-down menu.6. Now you have to decide how hard you want to brake when you push this button. Lets say %25, you may tweak your settings later, so enter "-8190" into the parameter window.7. Now check the "Control to repeat while held" option under the parameter window.8. Again find and select the "brakes" item in the last pull down menu (Control sent when button released)9. And enter "-16381" into it's parameter window. (this releases the brakes when you release the brake button)10. Now test your new and smooth brakes! Oh by the way, you still have your maximum braking via your usual keyboard key!If you want to tweak the braking force to your taste, the brake force parameter range is from -16380 to 16380. -16380 Gives you no braking at all and 16380 is maximum braking. (just don't use "0" as a parameter value)I'm using a two button braking setup in my FS now; first button for butter smooth stops and a second one, which only operates when pressed with the first button (otherwise does it's own thing in FS), for moderate braking. I'll write about that if there's any interest.Regards,Bozhan

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