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Certain FS9 cfg Entries.

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Howdy,Well after a PS failure subsequent BIOS corruption on my vintage cheepo machine, got it all back running again. It runs better than ever. Spent 3 days driver testing, restarting, BIOS mods, converting HAL to APIC MProc, NHancer etc... Hope to never do that again, NOT a tweaker at heart. Now that it's running again and I was on the tweaking bandwagon decided to get FS9 to run better. I had long stutters that I just couldn't get rid of. It has never looked or runned better now, with sliders even further to the right !! I let FS rebuild the CFG and quite a few of the entries were changed drastically compared to my original use version. Maybe because of the FS9 update?? Most of them I know about but below are some I have questions on. Many have conflicting results from the Tweak post( Now located in FSX forum ).Could anyone comment on these ? Believe me I searched the forums but with everyone posting their complete CFGs, to find stuff like this is like finding a needle in a haystack. **DISPLAYTEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=23 // STOCK 40 MAX 400 FsInsider recommends 2 X FR. What about 2 x FR X Frames Read Ahead (3) ?**WEATHERWeatherGraphDataInDialog=1 // STOCK 0This shows up as dots evenly spaced around the US in the WX map dialog.. What the???**GRAPHICSAUTO_LOD=0 // ?? STOCK = 0, My Original had 1If 1, does one have to adjust other stuff such as terrain radiuses etc.. ?? What does it do? Pros, Cons?TERRAIN_USE_VECTOR_MAP=1 // STOCK = 1 My orginal had 16 ??Huh?? What does this do?TERRAIN_USE_VECTOR_OBJECTS=1I believe these are the telephone/power lines and buildings, AUTOGEN lined up with roads etc... ??IMAGE_QUALITY=1 // STOCK = 0Again what does this do?LOD_TARGET_FPS=16 // USUALLY 7 minus target FRThis entry when changed to target FR runs better, but returns original value on FS close.. Maybe a front end Proggy to force and startFS? Does it work with AUTO_LOD (above) ?**USERINTERFACESelectFlightLevel=1 //STOCK =0Seen no difference, maybe looking in the wrong spot?**TERRAIN -- This one throws me..TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=0 // 2.5 FS9 pre update stock, 0 post update stock, Mods from tweak posts 4.50/9.00TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=0 // 4.0 FS9 pre update stock, 0 post update stock, Mods from tweak posts 9.00/4.50TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=232 // 1242456 pre update stock, 232 post update stock**FSLOG - I know this was a feedback program to MS for FS9. Can one get rid of this complete section ? Are there associated DLLs ?**FACILITIESCOUNTRY=STATE=CITY=GTL_BUTTON=4096 // STOCK 4096 original had 6225Whats with this complete section?Thanks in advance for helping me get every last inch out of this old bit cruncher...RomanProud "TEAM AVSIM" RTW race member.XP Pro, FS9, FR Locked @ 23, AMD 1800+ OCd to 1900+, APIC MProc Mod (24 IRQs), Latency Mods, ECS K7S5a V1.1, 7 fans, 1 gig, 100 & 60 Gig 7200rpm HD, ASUS/NVidia GeForce 64mb AGP on 21", NVidia FX5500 vivo 256mb (CRAP) on 18", Nvidia 93.71s ( The highest can go for the GeForce3 & 5500 combined ), Savage4 32mb on 15", BV services mods.

Roman_Full_combo_AVSIM_2.png?dl=1  FS RTWR   SHRS F-111   JoinFS Host/Client 


Yamaha CR 1000/JBL 2500, AMD 965 BE OC'd @ 3.88, RipJaw 2x4GB 1600 CL7, Gigabyte GTX-1070 OC 8GB, Asus M4A87TD EVO (AMD 870), Samsung 850 EVO 256GB & 1TB SSDs, WD 1T & 500G Black, 19" & 32" LCD, Win7 Pro 64bit, TMaster T-Flight HOTAS, FSX/FS9, FSUIPC / LUA, FSRealWX Pro, PlanG, JoinFS, LittleNavMap

Copilot - Samantha the "Hound"                EAA Chapter 651


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