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The 10 ACES Commandments

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1. Don't post fake screenies on the website and leavethem there for years to sell the product!2. Don't add fake check boxes in the settings toadvertise features at demos that don't exist! (ie.clouds shadows!)3. Don't stick fake minimum requirements on the boxthat have no chance of running the game properly!4. Don't call paying customers little girls on publicforums and then get offended by their response andstop communicating!5. Don't post silly blogs like "Holy FPS Batman!". Wedon't buy into this anymore! 6. Don't blame graphics card companies because yourc-r-a-p code doesn't work!7. Don't release "patches" mid cycle that don't workand break compatibility and cause everyone majorheadaches!8. Don't lie to customers claiming things like "NoMore Blurries" on your blog when clearly it is false!9. Don't make silly claims like much improvedlandclass when in fact there is the Great Desert ofWashington!10. Don't do anymore work on that 90's graphic engine!It doesn't cut it anymore!:+

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This topic is now closed to further replies.