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Tss (turbine Sound Studios) Start Sound Loop.

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Hi all. First post here at Avsim, although I have read and watched for the past 6 years. Anyway. I recently purchased the TSS (Turbine sound Studios) JT8-D sounds for my Dreamfleet 727. I installed the sounds and loaded the 727 cold and dark. To make a long story short, when I finally click the starter switch, 1-2 seconds of the start sound loops over and over until I finally reach 20% N2 and add fuel. I was told by support to "click the starter switch repeatedly." That doesn't work, and for $15 I don't think that should be necessary anyway. I know it's not hardware related, nor are my procedures messed up. I wondered if there was a work around in the Sound.cfg seeing as how the support forum at TSS isn't much help. Thanks in advance.-Zach WaddellPS. I posted this here because within an hour of posting at the TSS support forum, I wasn't able to log back in and I am now blocked from the site.--EDIT-- Perhaps I should post in another forum?


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