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A Little Trip Back In Time...

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As we are approaching the five year, nine month time-frame, I just finished going through the pinned posts at the top of the forum. Namely those from Rich H. , Brendan G. , Tom A. and Tara H. As this was (for those of us in the USA) Pearl Harbor Day (least when I started reading the posts! :( ) - I was reminded of how close-knit our Fly! family is and just what this Forum and the legacy Rich left us with means. Reading Rich's final post - Tara and Brendan's notification posts - the community's responses (and responses from other AVSIM members who didn't even use Fly! series) - just what an impact Rich had on the flight sim community as a whole. Over five years and once again I was humbled by the words - Rich's own and those of everyone who responded to both his final post - and Brendan's post on Rich's passing. I still clearly recall making quite a few posts when TRI came online and was "previewing pictures" of a new Flight Sim called Fly! - describing it and ASKING for user input - even before the product was released. I remember all the posts after release and of this team from TRI responding with such speediness and clarity - that I then KNEW that Fly! was going to be a special simulator. Then again when Rich asked for input on the Fly! II series - and despite his health sliding downhill - how he and a terrific group of dedicated Fly! users went on to provide us with several Patches to a decent but less than ready release product and brought it to as close as Rich could and his team of volunteers could bring it Keep in mind that none of them were being paid - plus Rich was battling with his cancer - all the while still proving that he cared enough to go above and beyond the call to bring us - the Fly! fans - a product we all could be proud to use.There is many a post to this man praising him for his dedication and willingness to not let things lie as the publisher had hoped. Rich and his team - from the original team to the user created Beta team - strove to ensure that Fly! II was worth our time to keep around. Through all of this - we have seen great times with Fly! II. There are several programs that - despite a lack of support now - are still worth using to create an environment worthy of Fly!ing through. TerraScene - TerraModels - infoMetar (recently updated!) - Fly!Graphics to name a few - and many other tools users have brought us to make Fly! II seem just as alive as MSFS or FltUNL series, et al. And nearly all have Rich to thank - for daring to push the envelope further. Wonderful aircraft from the likes of the teams of ROTW, F2FDesign - and many users like Roger Mazengarb - who continue to develop for the sim. Tips and even scenery areas from the likes of Randall Rocke - to many modeled airports - thanks to Wayne Roberts - who used their time and willingness to share their works with us - the end users. To Chris Wallace, Jim Kanold, etc. for bringing more scenery options - and Chris and members of ROTW for continuing work on Fly! Legacy. Going back further - to people such as Marc Storing and team for Fly! Germany scenery - limited in area but wonderfully created for the original Fly!.But I think most of all - it is to those of us who still see the greatness of Fly!II and all it can do is how Rich's dream continues to thrive. Rich's vision of open ended software - allowing users to create and modify. Well - planes were a bit difficult at first - but hey - the ingenuity of end-users and programmers came to the rescue and one no longer needed a $400.00USD plus program to create a plane! Yes - the forum is very much quiet - but we are still here - lurking and wondering who may post next. There are still users with questions - some new - having found the product through E-Bay or like internet auction site. ROTW is a little quieter - but still producing French sceneries for us to enjoy. may be another aircraft in store for us down the road?? :( I want to thank my fellow Fly!ers from the former F2FDesign group and fellow developers at ROTW for allowing me to realize an aircraft for everyone to enjoy using within the Fly! II simulator (especially Laurent Claudet from ROTW and Wayne Roberts, to whom which without - Seawind would not float!) - and to Peter Sidoli, Rob Young and Andrew Farnaby - plus all theF2FD/ROTW team members for allowing me to help bring Seneca V to life within Fly! II. PLUS all the wonderful aircraft and rotorcraft they developed for us to enjoy! THANK YOU!!!Lastly, I invite you all to once again read through the above pinned posts as I did this evening. Whether you post a Tome like I have - or remain silent - I am willing to bet you too will be humbled once again - by the words of the creator of the Fly! Flight Simulation series... Not to worry, Rich... Fly! and Fly! II still soar on my computer, and your kindness and example of courage despite the adversity you went through - live on in my heart. :(


Kenneth E Wood Jr  🌪️🌩️

ex AG1, USN (14yr Vet) Weather Foecaster


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