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Panning Out Of Control

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Appreciate any assistance with the following:For some reason all the views in FSX with panning available (eg VC, external views) seem to swinging automatically up to "top dead centre" ie when in the VC it swings straight up to look at the roof - without any input from me. I normally use the top hat for panning but it doesnt seem able to bring the view down at all. Only CTRL+Q brings it down, but when I release it goes straight back up again!!- this has never happened before- I calibrate axis/assign yoke/quadrant buttons via FSUIPC- controller is turned off in standard FSX controller menu- I have reset the computer - no improvement- deleted the fsx.cfg (kept an archive copy) and reset computer - no improvement- taken all controllers out of usbs and reinserted and reset computer - no improvementThe only thing I can think that may caused a problem is that the last thing I did on Sunday (always a clue) was to run IL-2 Sturmovik 1946. As I hadnt played in a while I had to reassign axes via the config menu in IL-2. The other thing I ended up doing was under control panel/game controller/advanced I shifted the default setting for older programs from the throttle quadrant to the flight yoke. When I then launched FSX today the axis assignments in FSUIPC for the yoke seemed all messed up - I have reassigned the flight control surfaces and the top hat but I still get the problem described above.Any ideas would be good as FSX is unusable at the moment....GRRR!TaGary

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