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  1. Yes, Yes and Yes!!I have been attached to my new Q6600 machine for the past week since I built it. FSX works so well that I havent even got round to o/c yet. Similar to yourself I have just done a flight from Phoenix (to Yuma) and back again and am able to have dense autogen, road traffic and >50% commercial ai traffic. Frames ~20 min on approach to Phoenix.I have tried some of the missions and they had some good "moments" eg "Midwest Fly In" on take off in the piper cub as you pop over the trees after take-off there is a freeway there and I got a cool first look at road traffic close up. Also "Amazon Trek" again after take-off, its like you are taking off on a plateau as the rainsforest and river suddenly appear beneath you. Even the wife was slightly impressed by the water effects!!It makes me go all nostalgic when I think back to playing on Fighter Pilot on the Amstrad CPC464 in the mid '80s with just a yellow ground and blue sky! I still managed to burn up hours playing that then, so it feels like as my "imagination" has waned with age the technology has just about filled the gaps!So thanks to everyone for the hints and tips and blood sweat tears and occasional curses that have gone on over the past year or so as the community has worked its way through all the various challenges!Happy flying!Gary
  2. Thanks for your comments esp. confirming the case and the guidance on memory.The video/processor issue is tricky (in a sense!) - can I wait and see what comes over the horizon (cost/performance) or I do I want to plunge right in now....given I am creaking along on a PC 5yrs old I am keen to take a big step up now, hopefully get a "capable FSX", save some more pennies and upgrade the processor in 18-24m just in time for FSX11....!!!!I'll sleep on it for a few days and see if early Jan shows any signs of further news on when the Q9450 gets released.TaGary
  3. HiI am just about to buy a new computer (self build) and would appreciate any comments on what I am planning to purchase. I am aiming the system to be "capable" of running FSX (primarily) and other games on the market - but with an element of future-proofing (ahh nirvana!). I appreciate from reading the posts on FSX for the past year or so that one persons "FSX is capable" can be different to another persons for a whole range of reasons from add-ons, drivers, tweaks, phase of the moon etc......So I have been buying the mags (UK Custom PC, PC Format) reviewing the websites (toms hardware, 3dguru, anandtech, etc) to try and come with a logical set of components. Where relevant I have indicated why I have selected a component - if you see any contradictions, errors of judgement please shout!CaseCoolermaster Stacker RC-832- should provide space/flexibility for future upgrades- bit expensive but reviews seem positive. MotherboardGigabyte GA-X38-DQ6- features; x38 chipset, PCI-E 2.0, o/c capability, should provide some longer term capability if I update processor in 18-24m.- one concern I had was a review I read that said "BACK PLATE PREVENTS COOLER FROM GETTING MOUNTED" - would this affect the CPU cooler?ProcessorIntel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Go stepping - seems to be a recommended processor for cost/capability - I am aware of the Q9450, was due to be January, but pcperspective (19 Dec) indicated this has been slipped back to Feb/March. Video Card (gnashing of teeth time!)xfx 8800GT alpha dog xxx (PV-T88P-YDD4) 512MBor (if budget can stretch)512MB BFG Technology 8800GTS, PCI-E 2.0 (x16),(BFGR88512GTSE)- the xfx card has "NVIDIA nView Multi-Display Technology" - does that mean anything useful for FSX? I may get a 2nd screen later this year or even look at getting the Matrox TH2GO so does the nView help with either option?- This uses the G92 graphics chip but I wonder about the 9800GTX. I seen it mentioned (on this forum) as being available in Jan but havent found much about it on the web - should I hold fire for a couple of weeks or just go with the 8800GT? I have just found a news article at pcperspective that only refers to a mid range geforce 9600 due in Feb 08.MemoryCrucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804- recommended "Mid range DDR2" in Custom PC- I am going to get 4GB as I will get 64bit Vista. One question I had was whether there is any benefit to FSX with 2x2GB w.r.t. 4x1GB?Power SupplyAntec Quattro 850WHard DriveSamsung Spin Point T166-HD501LJ- a number of positive reviews on this in the magazines (eg Custom PC Elite)- depending on how budget holds out I may buy a second hard drive - some benefit for FSX in running on its own disc?DVD DriveSamsung SH-S203BCPU CoolingArtic Freezer 7 Pro- positive reviews on this in the magazines (eg Custom PC Elite)SoftwareVista Home Premium (OEM 64 bit)and finallyFSX Deluxe!A bit of a monster post, but thanks to others who have posed similar questions or have come up with solutions (esp Mr "RESET MCP ALT") they have all helped in developing my understanding.Happy New Year!Gary
  4. Thanks for the ideas Pat. I wasn't refering to the Pro Flight Yoke. The throttle is on the saitek website and also at amazon.com - product code (PZ45). The three lever throttle is a bit like a CH throttle split in half. I have seen the X-52 in the stores you refer to so was planning to pick one up as an early Christmas present!I was hoping there may be a specialist retailer abit like UK based-RC Simulations in one of the areas I will be travelling through. If it doesnt look promising I might try and see if an online retailer will delivery to a hotel I will be staying in.RegardsGary
  5. I live in the UK and am going to be travelling on business in the USA for the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know of retailers in the following areas that would sell Saitek Three Lever Throttles?- Washington DC- Maryland- IndianapolisI have tried searching on the internet but havent had any luck in finding anywhere.One alternative would be to order them on the internet and get them delivered to my hotel. But that would be using a UK based credit card - would that work?Thanks for any help or suggestions!Gary
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