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  1. Want to build a REAL shuttle Sim?http://www.spacetoys.com/proddetail.php?prod=RFS11
  2. Either version of FS runs better on a 64 bit OS IMO. I have been running Win XP 64 for over a year now. I know FS is a 32 bit program, but it's the hardware that runs better, specifically texture loading is faster because of 64 bit video.
  3. I am currently running an AMD FX-55 CPU. I've read a lot of good things about the Core 2 Duo chips, especially how easily the 6400 and 6600 overclock on the stock fan. I am having trouble finding "apples to apples" comparisons with my current CPU as far as what this upgrade would do for FSX in the end. My questions are, 1) Out of the box, which core duo best compares with the FX-55 for speed, and 2) Which Core 2 Duo gives you the most bang for the buck when you consider stock cooler overclocking ability?Thanks!
  4. Agreed. I set up Vista with FSX and a GeForce 7800 GTX card. I have 2 gigs of RAM and an Athlon FX-55 processor. Overall, MUCH slower than on XP 64. Gonna have to wait for those DX10 cards and try it again.
  5. That's where it should be. Make sure all of your hidden files are visible. In your open window, click on Tools...Folder Options...View and make sure you have "Show hidden files and folders" checked.
  6. Let me see if I can post a couple the screens here...
  7. The more I play with FSX, the more amazed I am. I have to consider the possibility that FSX was designed to allow an expansion to space flight. I got in my trusty Lear and began a slew up to 2.5 million ft.(and yes, you can go higher). Holding my course of 360, I began a forward slew at max speed of 40000 kts. Soon after passing over Alaska (climbing through about 500k ft.), I saw and crossed the line between night and day. (I think Terminus is the correct word?)The sun was behind me and setting. (It shines bright and yellow, but without all the extra glare in space.) I watched the sun set and the moon rise. Looking down looks just like any picture you've ever seen from orbit. I crossed the north pole and held course, now on 180 degrees. Nice and dark now. Looking up in outside spot view, I could plainly see the Milky Way. After travelling most of the way to the south pole, I decided to try a descent, but WITHOUT the slew.(seemed like a natural thing to do. I began falling almost immediately and went to virtual cockpit. Here's the cool part, I was kind of floating around in my seat, just like I would expect to do in zero G when loosely seatbelted in. As my descent continued, the aircraft began to pitch and roll much more violently. Returning to the VC, I was at times pinned against the ceiling, and at other times getting trown around as much as possible within the confines of my virtual seatbelt. Once I got down to thicker air, around 125k ft., I terminated the flight because I kept "bouncing higher" and couldn't get down low enough to get control.They have built the physics into FSX for at least orbital flight, it would seem. Now we just need a rocket motor and thrusters, and we may have a whole new frontier in front of us! I took a couple of screenies,and I'll try to post them in the Screenshot forum.
  8. Hey Mike,Bummer! I live in Lewisville too. I guess you can ignore the e-mail I just sent you then, but hang on to my e-mail address in case you run across it around here. I'm off Friday, and it would be a GREAT way to spend the day!
  9. You guys are right about some stores having it before others. Someone posted up here about Office Depot having FS9 before the release date. I went, they did. Hey Reggie - I live in the Dallas area too. It's been my experience that Frys is a little slower on new releases...but good luck and Happy Birthday!
  10. I think that would be a good bet...so on shelves WHEN??? :)
  11. Which 737 was that used in the Juneau landing competition video?
  12. Has anyone gotten the FSX demo to run on the Vista Beta 2? I get a lock up and/or CTD every time . Right before this, I notice that the music in the Flight Selection screen becomes very choppy or has long pauses.
  13. I installed Vista Beta on it's own partition, and for some reason it does not even know my XP 64 installation exists. No multi boot option. Boots straight into XP64 unless the Vista CD is in the HD The Vista OS apparently does not use boot.ini. so I don't know how to create a boot menu manually.Also, the worst news, FSX demo crashes when I try to run it in the Vista beta!
  14. The demo runs fine w/256 meg video memory...all sliders maxed.
  15. Which, if any of these, will let you designate which monitor to take the screen from in a multi-monitor setup?
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