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  1. Sorry, did poor job of announcement of bargain. Didn't give proper name or link. Thanks to the member who did.
  2. Let Game Pass expire before price increase. But noticed any of three versions are $15 off at Best Buy. They carry digital cards. Guess ok as long as updated and patches still available timely manner.
  3. Saw this morning save $15 on either version of new simulator at Best Buy. We have digital cards.
  4. Yep, need to watch videos little bit better. Airbus has Iberia livery.
  5. Guess Premium, due to 787 and Heathrow airport. San Francisco another plus. Only disappointed that Dublin airport not one of listed airports, but least one Irish airport is represented. One concern is airline liveries. Will they be available or just default liveries as in the past?
  6. Not good for N. Ireland's Belfast City airport either. Flybe accounts for around 80 percent of flights leaving out.
  7. Just the classics ma'me..707 and 727. But will take DC9 and DC10 to go!
  8. If new flight Sim product is successful... Bring back Combat Flight Simulator! Either that and allow us to shoot at giraffes. Sorry, so wrong.
  9. Bring back Microsoft Train Simulator while you are at it. Remember that was cancelled back around 2009. Quite surprised about new flight simulator and trying to keep positive about it after Flight and World failing. i know things are really early, no duh, but with what i see for potential scenery of the world...what about rights to that photo scenery. Example is Ireland....seems very expensive for third party developers to acquire data needed at reasonable cost. Orbx has had issues for True Earth Ireland that has been talked about in forum there.
  10. If a passsenger or passengers prevent timely exit by retrieving luggage and refuse to listen to flight attendants, then i think stiff four figure fines and/ or prison time is needed. Sure countries will have different policies, but really becoming a problem and growing from what i read. Hate to think what would happen if fire does break out, and few passengers break their duty free alcohol bottles. That and drop their carry on and trip in the aisle.
  11. I was wondering why they didn't deploy emergency equipment or vehicles sooner, looking at video i saw? Not sure what the procedures are at a major airport but seems should have put fire out sooner.
  12. My question would be why is a warning light costing $80,000 per aircraft? Guessing indicator light that warns pilots of a sensor malfunction that could cause its anti-stall system to activate unnecessarily is being added. Figuring not just light but software to go with it.
  13. Also AES doesn't work with FSX-SE from information i have read.
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