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  1. GregB145


    Or even better combine forces
  2. Just make sure he does not wear a white cotton T shirt
  3. GregB145

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Is the Virgin Australia the old or new livery? I think the old one is far nicer, but we get what we get. Great selection there, it's going to be difficult to limit the number of repaints that make their way onto my SSD!
  4. GregB145

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    No need to read the manual Kyle, if you wait here long enough then all the daft questions get asked sooner or later, as well as some very pertinent ones on occasion. Failing that I will ask my wife, because apparently, she is never wrong
  5. GregB145

    Emirates SkyCargo Freighters

    Rob, Can you fly for the VA without using Vatsim etc?
  6. GregB145

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    It made me swear a little bit when it suddenly solved itself! Hopefully it will be a blip for everyone else too.
  7. GregB145

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Just to further confuse matters Bryan. Its now working for me, I clicked on the Yes and FSX loaded. I have not touched or updated anything!
  8. GregB145

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Sorry Pete, no backup of them.
  9. GregB145

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Hi Bryan, Same issue here. Installed the ASN update and my RAAS on the T7 crashes the system as described above. I'm using NOD32 as the Anti virus. Is there another way to get a standalone .dll got it and add it I to see if it has been a corruption issue? Thanks Greg
  10. Well, with great serendipity I purchased AS Next 2 days ago but had not got around to installing it on my networked machine. That was the job for this evening, its on and running nicely and is fantastic. The ball is in your court now PMDG, no pressure!
  11. GregB145


    Easy mistake to make by Morvious. So before you have a go at him, look at what happened - A question from a low post member that had been asked many, many times before and has a history of causing internecine strife on the forums between those that think 2D is vital and those that do not... Followed by an indignant, contentious reply from that same member calling the majority of the forum members thick. I thnk the need for "grip" lies somewhere else. :Thinking: :wink:
  12. GregB145


    Whilst there is the chain of thought on here that new posters should perform a search before posting a question to both avoid repeating the question ad infinitum (with the same answer), the chain of thought that a polite response is called for is also equally valid and welcome in my humble opinion. However, with your strong statement that, after 2 years on the forum, in your weighty opinion 75% of the population here is a bit stupid (and I would have thought that if you had spent 2 years on here you might have seen one of the multiple threads on here regarding 2d panels, weather radar, release dates etc) and then following up with a rant that because the AVSIM forum guidelines do not require a search to see if something has been asked before. It confirms the old adage that rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men. You had my sympathy about those asking you to get back in your box and perform a search, right up until you called 3/4 of the people on here stupid.......... How is it in the 75th percentile then matey?
  13. GregB145

    A recommendation for 777/Boeing fans..

    It's a cracking Bluray Luke. Really well shot, fantastically edited and a brilliant overview showcasing the capabilities of the 777F. The performance and power of the aircraft is evident in the shortness of the takeoff roll from Leipzig to Bergamo with a light load of cargo and fuel. According to their website, there is a MD-11F in the works as well
  14. I'm looking forward in the time between now and the release to the other snippets of information from Mr R and the team as to what features they have managed to shoe horn in there that we have not seen before. :england-flag: Oh and ORBX and PFPX which all together will make a pretty impressive triple act. However, as typical I'm in the middle of emigrating to Australia, my PC is packed away and I will not see it again until December. Bugger!
  15. GregB145

    22DEC12 - Development Cycle Updates!

    Thanks Luke, but that was a while ago and things change