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Need Joytstick/yoke Advice

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My current setup: I use the X52 stick, CH throttle quadrant and CH rudder pedals. Everything works great, but my trusty X52 is starting to go after many years of use. The LCD is starting to not work sometimes and other lights seem to come and go. I'd like to replace it, but I'm not sure with what. I really like the X52, and am tempted to buy the same one new. However I'm thinking of other options:1) Replace the X52 with a brand new one. For $80 off Amazon, this is the cheap and safe route. I love mine now and have gotten tons of use out of it and have no problem replacing it with the same one. 2) Upgrade to the X52 pro for $137. I hear it has more resistance which would be nice. More money though.3) Saitek yoke. I bought one of the early models which had tons of problems. I was very unhappy with the quality and sent it right back. I hear they have those issues resolved, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth. 4) The new CH yoke. I have their old yoke and honestly I never liked it at all. The feel was way too cheap and light for me. I hear the newer one is better, but I worry about how much? Every CH stick I've ever owned has been really flimsy feeling. A yoke is realistic, but the desk space it takes up is also not really practical. My X52 can be set on the floor in a second for whenever I don't need it. Basically I'm wondering if the X52 pro is worth the extra price. Also, I do all my flying in FS2004 and almost always general aviation planes now (if that matters).

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