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Wow! American Virtual Airlines Is Back!

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Hi,My name is Richard Keene and I am a Pilot for AMERICAN AIRLINES based in Dallas (DFW) but I live in Nebraska so I have to Commute back and forth. Anyways on NOV. 12, 2001 I had lost my best friend and fellow pilot "Captain Edward States" on American Airlines Flight 587, I don't know if you are familiar with that accident or not, If not you can google it.I am opening up a Virtual Airline in his Memory And i could use some help. I am making it as true as possible from what i know from working with American Airlines for many years. but if you would like to help and want a "Virtual Airline Job" have some Advancements to higher positions, A fun, real, and Family Airline Experience then come JOIN US!!!!Job Titles Open As Of 12/27/2008Hub Managers For The Following Locations:

  • Boston (BOS)
  • Miami (MIA)
  • Dallas (DFW)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • New York (JFK)
  • New York (LGA)
  • St. Louis (STL)
  • Chicago (ORD)
  • San Juan (SJU)
  • San Antonio (SAT)

These Positions are available to start ImmediatelyChief Airline Captains

  • District 1 (areas include all Pilots in hubs: LAX, DFW and SAT.)
  • District 2 (areas include all Pilots in hubs: STL, ORD and SJU.)
  • District 3 (areas include all Pilots in hubs: BOS, MIA, JFK and LGA.)

Job Description: You will be responsible for answering any questions that pilots my have that are assigned to your District, Also you will have to submit weekly reports to the District Manager of your Pilots performance and income made. Also you will need to send aircraft request forms to your District Manager If any new aircraft are needed, or any current aircraft need repairs.Airline Fleet DesignerJob Description: You will be responsible for designing and upgrading our fleet page, also you will need to be able to put real good effort into this position, we "American Virtual Airlines" will be looking to you for making sure our aircraft is available to us for safe and fun flights. You may also need to shop for new aircraft if you receive a new aircraft order form from the CFO, Buy the aircraft then post it and make it ready to fly.H.R. Department Managers

  • District 1 (includes all Applications Submitted to: LAX, DFW and SAT).
  • District 2 (includes all Applications Submitted to: STL, ORD and SJU).
  • District 3 (includes all Applications Submitted to: BOS, MIA, JFK and LGA).

Job Description: You will be responsible for reviewing and Accepting or Declining Pilot Applications in your District. As well as keeping up with American Virtual Airlines news and sending weekly company news letters to all American Virtual Airlines Employees in your District. Also you will need to send a weekly status report to the H.R. Department Director.H.R. Department DirectorJob Description: You will be responsible for reviewing all Applications other then Pilots, as well as keeping track of the H.R. Department Managers. Also you will need to get weekly Status reports from the H.R. Managers Review them and make sure everything is accurate then send them to the American Virtual Airlines Vice President.AVA District Manager

  • District 1 (LAX, DFW and SAT).
  • District 2 (STL, ORD and SJU).
  • District 3 (BOS, MIA, JFK, and LGA).

Job Description: You will be in charge of all Employees (Second Officers, First Officers, Captains, Hub Managers, Chief Airline Captains, Airline Fleet Designers, H.R. Dept. Managers and H.R. Dept. Directors). You will also be in charge of Termination Of American Virtual Airlines Employees from "Second Officers" all the Way up to "H.R. Department Directors" Note: Before you terminate anybody you need to submit a report to the VICE PRESIDENT of American Virtual Airlines explaining why. Also you may receive new aircraft request forms from your districts Chief Airline Captain, You then need to decide if we can afford it by talking to the AVA CFO and making a decision. After a decision has been reached you will then need to send a report Back to the district's Chief Airline Captain with an answer and an expected delivery date of there new aircraft.AVA Corporate ManagerJob Description: You will be in charge of All Employees listed on the AVA District Managers Section, Plus The AVA District Manager. You will also need to collect all weekly reports from the (Hub Managers, H.R. Managers, H.R. Director and the AVA District Manager). Review them and send them to the "American Virtual Airlines VICE PRESIDENT". You also have termination privileges upon approval from the VICE PRESIDENT.Chief Financial OfficerJob Description: You will be in charge of all financial issues within the airline, including getting all flight time records from all American Virtual Airlines Pilots so you can total up there hours and post there paychecks every week. also you will need to send them there Holiday bonus pay, Vacation pay, sick pay, and our monthly $1,000.00 AVA Employee Appreciation Drawing. You will also report directly to the CEO of American Virtual Airlines.Vice President Of American Virtual AirlinesJob Description: You will be the CEO's right hand man. You have the authority to terminate anybody you wish, but before you do you need to send the CEO a letter explaining why you are terminating them, also you need to let the employee in question know that they are being reviewed for possible termination, also let there hub managers, H.R. manager, H.R. Director, AVA District Manager, AVA Corporate Manager, CFO and the CEO know that they are being reviewed. Also you will be in charge of approving new aircraft orders sent in buy our Airline Fleet Designer.I hope you like what you see. It would be great to have you guys and girls join and show those skies what we are all about!!!!If you would like to join send me Your name, E-mail, your requested call-sign(AVA-xxx), age, Years of flying experience and a detailed description of what position you are applying for at: americanvirtualairlines@gmail.comI will soon post the VA web address, We will have our grand opening on 12/28/2008 at 09:00 CST.Thank you,American Virtual AirlinesCEO - Richard Keene

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