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Multi Core/thread Usage In Ati Tray Tools And Fs9? Why Only 1 Core Being Used?

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I came across a tip to get FS9 to use both of my processor cores. Basically go into Task Manager, find FS9.exe, right click, choose "Set Affinity", notice both cores are checked, uncheck one, click ok. Go back in and re-check it. Now it should be using both cores properly.I didn't really notice any improvement.Now in ATI Tray Tools, in the Advanced Tweaks section, there is a section for "Multi Threading". User guide says to experiment with it, starting with a thread maximum of 2, and working your way up(don't recall an upper limit tho). I used 2.Now if you look at the screen shot I took just after closing FS9, you'll see one processor is maxed out, while the other is barely doing anything. The spikes near the end are probably when I was exiting out of FS9. But as you can see to the far left(while running FS9) one processor is doing all the work.Can anyone shed some light on this or offer suggestions?Thanks

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