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  1. sargeski

    CTD's with EZDok?

    I use EZDok and switch from full screen to windowed all the time and experience no CTDs and I do not use ENB or SweetFX fwiw.
  2. sargeski

    Captainsim 777

    Well, I own every product released for FSX by PMDG and I own pretty much every product released for FSX by CaptainSim (just not all variants). I'm not here to bash CaptainSim because I do like their products. It seems over the years I have come to expect a certain standard form each developer. Those standards are different due what I have experienced with each Devs products over the years. Some of CaptainSim's products have not been the most framerate friendly offerings. That being said, the 777 takes the cake at this point in time for being an absolute framerate hog in my FSX. How anyone can fly this plane and enjoy it, at this point in time, is beyond me. However, if people like the performance good for them. I waited for CaptainSim's annual sale this go around due to the negative comments that were about regarding performance of this model. So, I had an I idea what to expect going in and for 9.99 euro I cannot be all that disappointed. Had I paid full retail for this product, I would no doubt be quite upset. I hope that overtime CS figures out how to code the 777 so that it is less taxing on system resources. My recommendation at this time would be that unless you already have it, stay away from it. If it goes on sale and you want to give it a whirl then give it a whirl. It will be a much easier pill to swallow if you dislike it. Regards, Bob
  3. sargeski

    Experience X. Get it.

    Alan, For what its worth, I think you definitely conducted yourself in a respectful manner within this thread and I not sure what your apologizing about. As far as some of the other content in this thread, in my opinion, it is childish, immature, and clearly illustrates how easy it is to hide behind a computer and disrespect others.
  4. sargeski

    'Pause' AirHauler?

    Jeroen, Read the 146-200 thread when you have the time. Just Flight makes it pretty clear that if you are not happy with a product, even if its download rather than boxed, they will provide a refund. You may want to send the member a private message regarding you refund question. Regards, Bob
  5. sargeski

    'Pause' AirHauler?

    Jeroen, Air Hauler has been around for a few years now and it is a nice simulation which has some really cool features one of which is that it can be run as a simulation independent of Flight Simulator. If you have any doubts about the software or support, I would suggest that you head to the Air Hauler forum loacted in the Just Flight forums at which is where support for Air Hauler has been ever since its release. Its a great piece of software and what it does it does well. It is still very much supported by the developer and very well I might add. The website ( really has nothing to do with the software and what web functionalitiy there is in the software itself, which is only for comparing stats and companies of other users, works just fine.
  6. sargeski

    'Pause' AirHauler?

    This is not 100% accurate. Yes you will lose reputation for not completing jobs. However, once your reputation goes above 70% you will lose reputation for being inactive but your reputation will not fall below 70%. So, once your rep goes above 70% you must stay active or you will lose rep. The higher your reputation, the higher paying the jobs will be that are offered to you. Jeroen, As stated above you may want to take a look at Ideal Flight it is very nice as well although very different than AirHauler. I use Ideal Flight for most of my GA flights.
  7. sargeski

    How to improve performance with fraps?

    Are you playing a recorded flight through FS Recorder and capturing with FRAPS? This is much less taxing on your system than capturing in realtime from FSX.Regards,Bob
  8. sargeski

    How to improve performance with fraps?

    FS Recoder's rendering feature can be used to create Windows Media Video (WMV) files from recorded flights. It does not create videos by capturing the screen in real time like e.g. Fraps, GameCam, etc. Instead it manipulates FS so that it no longer runs as a real time simulation, but behaves more like a video rendering application.
  9. Just use Autohotkey and the Pseudo Full Screen Autohotkey Script. Autohotkey is available from The script can be downloaded from the AVSIM File Library here: http://library.avsim...sxutil&Cookie=1
  10. sargeski

    REX sundown water reflections missing or wrong

    Michi, Nothing wrong with REX water reflections here, somethings definitely wrong on your end. You might want to retry loading your texture sets.
  11. sargeski

    FSX Repair

    Jim,They WILL NOT be over written if you do a repair if they exist. Only missing files will be replaced. It's that simple.Regards,Bob
  12. sargeski

    FSX Repair

    KeithyGeorge,I have used the repair option several occassions and never had any ill effect from it. I have a ton of addons and none have ever been affected by a repair installtion. There are some addons that will manipulate default files and have poor uninstalltion routines (which actually remove the modified default file). I just recently went through this again a few weeks ago after uninstalling my Ariane products which inturn caused contrail issues. If you have Acceleration you will need to run a repair from your original FSX disk followed by a repair from the Acceleration disk.I'm not sure where the notion that a repair install will overwrite your fsx.cfg, scenery.cfg, dll.xml, and exe.xml came from, because a repair install will not touch to those files if they already exist. However, it is never a bad idea to back those files up. Running FSX Repair ONLY affects default files, in default locations, so it cannot help or effect aftermarket files in any way. This is only a concern if you have replacements for those default files - halo.bmp, texture folder, revised autogen files etc, etc. Many people keep a clean vanilla install of FSX on a spare drive. So that they can have orginal files handy should things get modified,replaced, deleted or overwritten. It's just as quick to create a virgin FSX installation as it is to repair the current one - just rename the current folder so that there's not confusion then install FSX and Acc into the same exact location. Rename the folder to `backup` and move it to the spare drive, rename the original folder to what it was before, and then copy/paste whatever you need.Now, with your particular issue at hand, I would as previously recomended, wait for Orbx to assist you.Regards,Bob
  13. I run at 1920x1200 and use Maarten's script with Autohotkey and I go full screen with no border. Works like a charm.
  14. If you are saying that once you bank your aircraft into a turn, release the yoke, let the yoke return to center and the airplane does not return to straight and level.................your are seeing exactly what the aircraft will do. The aircraft will remain in a bank until you bring it back to straight and level which means you will have to move the yoke in the opposite direction of the bank. Your yoke is fine.Regards,Bob
  15. sargeski

    Ariane Design 737-900ER X2

    Babu,Check the PM that I just sent you............