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  1. Jeroen, Read the 146-200 thread when you have the time. Just Flight makes it pretty clear that if you are not happy with a product, even if its download rather than boxed, they will provide a refund. You may want to send the member a private message regarding you refund question. Regards, Bob
  2. Jeroen, Air Hauler has been around for a few years now and it is a nice simulation which has some really cool features one of which is that it can be run as a simulation independent of Flight Simulator. If you have any doubts about the software or support, I would suggest that you head to the Air Hauler forum loacted in the Just Flight forums at http://forum.justflight.com/ which is where support for Air Hauler has been ever since its release. Its a great piece of software and what it does it does well. It is still very much supported by the developer and very well I might add. The website (Airhauler.net) really has nothing to do with the software and what web functionalitiy there is in the software itself, which is only for comparing stats and companies of other users, works just fine.
  3. This is not 100% accurate. Yes you will lose reputation for not completing jobs. However, once your reputation goes above 70% you will lose reputation for being inactive but your reputation will not fall below 70%. So, once your rep goes above 70% you must stay active or you will lose rep. The higher your reputation, the higher paying the jobs will be that are offered to you. Jeroen, As stated above you may want to take a look at Ideal Flight it is very nice as well although very different than AirHauler. I use Ideal Flight for most of my GA flights.
  4. If you are saying that once you bank your aircraft into a turn, release the yoke, let the yoke return to center and the airplane does not return to straight and level.................your are seeing exactly what the aircraft will do. The aircraft will remain in a bank until you bring it back to straight and level which means you will have to move the yoke in the opposite direction of the bank. Your yoke is fine.Regards,Bob
  5. Just go to Tools-->Internet Options-->Click on the Security Tab-->Click Trusted Sites-->then Click Sites and add https://www.precisionmanuals.com to the trusted sites list....then your cart will work properly.
  6. You will get slightly better performance out of an 8800GTS.Stick with XP or go with Vista 64. XP Pro 64 really was never supported all that well and is pretty much an anomily as OSes go.
  7. >4 gigs DDR3 on a P5k3 Deluxe?>>you are aware your memory is being retarded timing wise by>populating 4 slots and you must be on the black slots for full>operation with either 2 x1GB , or, 2x2GB and those 2GB sticks>will not do DDR3 2000 not even close at decent timings, if>what is available will do it at all.Yeah, I'm well aware of it Nick. I wasn't however when I first purchased everything. I'm running 4x1GB and let me tell you, it was a major pain in the arse getting the memory (all 4 1GB modules) running on this board (poor design and ASUS will blame it on the memory). It's pretty funny how easily the memory can be cranked up with only 2 lots populated (get your act together ASUS!).I was going to drop another $600 on 2x2GB Patriot Viper modules this weekend but bellied up at the last minute cause the original 4GB cost me $1200.I think I'm gonna wait till I upgrade the mobo. Any suggestions?BTW they are the Z9's rated at DDR3 1866
  8. Did you happen to install the FSX SP2 SDK Update? If you did not, it will not be available on the "Tools" menu. As the other SDK is not compatible with SP2.
  9. Well, bass is really not heard it is felt. A subs purpose is to create vibration.Anywhere its placed it will create vibration (who knows what kind of vibration its causing next door. It could have to do with how his apartment is furnished). It all really depends on how your apartment building is constructed. Unfortunately, nothing may be acceptable to your neighbor other than turning the sub off.
  10. >Actually what I'm wondering is what FSX performance gain would>I get from DDR3 over DDR2 if I did spend the money.You will gain nothing of a noticeable difference performance wise on the rig you are planning on building. On the other hand, if your gonna get a tricked out water cooler or phase change cooler and overclock your PC to the hilt, you will see some performance benefit, but its not gonna be huge. In laymans terms the cost is not going to be worth the benefit at least not at this point in time.I took the $1200 plunge on DDR3 (us tech types just have to have the latest and greatest) and I wish I had went with DDR2 and saved quite a few dollars.
  11. Clayton,I do not use VATSIM and I would gather the easiest way for you to get a quick and correct answer would be to ask the question in the VATSIM forum.Edit found the below at VATSIM.Configuring Sound (VATSIM Voice and PTT/Push To Talk): While running Flight Simlator, bring up the FSFDT Control Panel. It
  12. Clayton,If you are using Windows XP:1) Plug your USB headset into a USB port.2) Go to Start>Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices3) Click the "Audio" tab4) Ensure that both "sound playback" and "sound recording" are set to your primary audio card (SBLive).5) Click the "Voice" tab6) Set both the "sound plackback" and "sound recording" to your USB headset (Logitech USB Headset), which should appear in the drop-list of devices.7) Click "Apply"Within FSX on the Sound settings page:1) Set sounds to your primary audio device (SBLive)2) Set voice to your USB headset (Logitech USB Headset).That's all there is to it mate. If you done the above steps you should be up and running with sounds from your PC speakers and ATIS, ATC, mission voices, multiplayer voices, voice from lessons etc. playing within your headset.
  13. > Appreciate any feedback from>anyone whose gone through these changes with FSX.The jump from DDR2 to DDR3 is not going to net you much of a performance increase. My recommendation would be to stick with the DDR2. Yes you will benefit from having greater than 2GB in 32 bit XP. You will just need to make the OS aware it. Many are reporting that they are running just fine on Vista 64. I myself am running on Vista 32.
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