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Flight Plans - Perth To/from Johannesburg

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Here you go.(FPL-SAA281-IS-A346/H-SDGHIRWXY/SD-YPPH0435-M083F320 DCT WAVES T12 KEELS DCT 32S110E 32S105E 33S100E 34S095E/M083F300 36S090E 38S085E 39S080E 40S075E 40S070E/N0483F360 40S065E 40S060E 40S055E/N0480F340 39S050E 38S045E 37S040E/N0486F360 33S035E DCT ANVED/N0488F360 UQ17 UGUNO DCT DNV/N0479F390 DCT GYV/N0476F400 UZ29 STV DCT-FAJS1045 FABL-EET/SAILS0010 BRIGG0013 KEELS0025 321050121 331000154 340950229 360900306 380850343 FIMM0451 FAJO0648 FAJA0941 REG/ZSSNF SEL/MSDQ NAV/AUSEP PER/D RMK/ADS EQUIPED)(FPL-SAA280-IS-A346/H-SDGHIRWXY/SD-FAJS1700-N0486F350 DCT APDAK UQ48 AVAVA UZ8 RBV UQ5 GEVIS/M082F350 DCT 30S035E 31S040E/M082F370 31S045E 31S050E 31S055E 32S060E 33S065E 34S070E 35S075E 36S080E 37S085E/M082F390 37S090E 37S095E 36S100E 35S105E/M082F410 33S110E DCT KEELS T12 WAVES DCT-YPPH0823 YPAD-EET/FAJO0049 FIMM0254 YMMM0430 36S080E0456 37S090E0546 37S095E0610 36S100E0636 35S105E0704 33S110E0736 KEELS0759 BRIGG0810 SAILS0813 WAVES0816 REG/ZSSNF SEL/MSDQ NAV/AUSSEP RMK/01060682 RMK/IORRA RNAV RTE RMK/ADS EQUIPED DOF/090106)

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