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Fs9 At 90 To 100 Fps....all The 'real' We Are Missing....

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I'm presently on a paused flight along the North Coast of VOZ 1.8 at around 3,500 feet, flying a Cessna 182 high-wing. Today though, this flight is being conducted in a much different way than my normal full-screen mode.I have FS9 in Window mode and reduced to a 5X5 inch window. With this, and at full FPS setting on the Hardware Tab, I am getting a median of around 95 FPS on my P4 3.5 Ghz/ ATI 1950 Pro 256 vid hardware combination.I am observing with VIVID CLAIRITY...all the subtle elements of real-world flight that you are not getting at let's say 24-40 FPS. The absolutely fluid movements of the wings flowing through the air currents is quite fantastic to watch. I have the autopilot at 3,500 as well as the heading dialled I can sit with my 'head view' out watching the left wing interact with the elements.From this I see that I can't wait until I have a machine that is capable of giving me 100 PLUS FPS at even the most detailed of scenery...and no matter at WHAT altitude, or bettery yet...on ground movement within the sim.I invite you to try it for a whole flight. It won't take you long at all to become 'accustomed' to the 5 inch by 5 inch virtual world of your sim. Trust me....your mind will adjust and you will start to see everything the SAME as if you were viewing upon a larger monitor or computer screen. What you WILL SEE is that INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE of the feeling of flight....that will spike by one thousand percent!!! It will give you a preview, of what life is truly left in FS9 with the coming (I surely hope) of new hardware that will allow you to run with room to 100 FPS or FULL SCREEN! AT the highest rez your card is capable of.... Run a flight in WINDOWED 5x5 and see just what I am talking about.....even a slight nudge of wind moves your aircraft with such fluidity and real-world effects. Simply wonderful! Simply wonderful.....Banking and acrobatics at 100 FPS is something to be savoured.......A Final Approach at near 100 FPS...well....words don't cut it. I hope you enjoy it for yourself. Who knows...I might just prefer stellar FPS performance over bulk-view real estate...until that future hardware will GIVE ME WHAT I WANT! :) For now...5x5 inch on my machine is where it does....I am going to expand the window, until I see where I lose 5 FPS..and that will be my new 'high performance FPS world when I want to tap it in!EDIT: I just grew the window to 10x10 inches and that's where I started to drop FPS. So...if you have a system similar to mine, you can enjoy a 95 FPS flight experience at 10x10 inches without FPS drop-out! Great stuff!Cheers,Mitch

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