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Vatsim Cross the Pond (PMDG MD11)

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Vatsim's Cross the Pond occured on Saturday the 14th of March, 2009.Dispite an ongoing DDOS attack on a few of our servers, up to 1000 virtual pilots and virtual controllers logged on to Vatsim for the flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Departing Amsterdam, Munich or Zurich, pilots flew via pre-planned NAT tracks in booked slots, much like the real world, to fly to Toronto or Newark, spread over all 4 NAT tracks.My flight was KLM657, an MD-11 (PMDG MD-11) flying from Amsterdam to Newark, an 8 hour flight. we got off to a bad start when we missed our takeoff slot and had to be assigned a new NAT slot, which put us back about 15 minutes and with a change of track. Instead of tracking via NAT A, we were now on NAT C. FMS Route had to be changed airborne and as such it was a very busy departure. In the Oceanic airspace, we were outside Radar Coverage, so gave position reports like the real aircraft do. SELCAL's were used and so on.My (final after changes) flightplan was as follows:N478F340 BERGI UL602 GOW UN580 TIR UN572 GOMUP/M080F360 59N20W 60N30W 60N40W 59N50W PRAWN COVAN/M083F380 HANAA ALB SHAFF6EET/EGTT0021 EGPX0104 EGGX0245 CZQX0420 CZUL0545 KZBW0703 KZNY0734 REG/PHKCE SEL/AFLS OPR/KLM PER/D NAV/RNP10 GPSRNAV RMK/TCAS EQUIPPEDAn Offset for SLOPS procedures was a 1 Nautical Mile to the Right offset between GOMUP and PRAWNNote: Due to the extremely busy nature of my flight and the fact that I was reaching cockpit workload saturation point during the departure, some shots have been substituted with replays with AI traffic, however the in-2d cockpit shots are all taken during the actual online flight, as is all ATC audio.Scenery of NL2000 v3 was used.

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