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Benjamin J

Panel merge: LDS767 and CS757

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Heya,First things first: I'm not interested in people telling me to stop using the CS757, or to get the PSS757!Right, now that's out of the way, time to talk about what I am interested in. I have bought CS757 at one of their sales some time ago, but I haven't flown it a lot, in all honesty. The main reason for that, being that I couldn't save the panel state, meaning I could takeoff, do a bit of a cruise, but that was all. I simply don't have the time to do a 4 hour flight in one stretch. However, I was looking around in archived thrwads lately, and I noticed posts about merging with LDS767 panel with the CS757 model. Since the LDS panel does support saving the panel state, and since the 757 and 767 cockpits really are not that different (for all I know, they are pretty much the same), I wondered how this has been working out for people? How does everything work? Can you in fact save the panel state?Any answer to these questions would be very much appreciated.-Thralni

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