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Scenery library questions

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Hi , I have already read through ( but not totally absorbed !!) Falcons thread relating to scenery. I have some other questions which I hope someone can answer for me.Does the order in which Scenery library entries appear, matter ? What is the effect of moving entries up or down the order?I have nearly a hundred different megascenery entries. All my megascenry is installed outside of FSX. Is there mileage to be gained by putting it all in one folder and trying to have say one entry for the california tiles, instead of 80 separate ones? I have FSgenesis, layered as per NIckN's advice between the the vegetation and urban entries. Apart from that, I have no advice as to the particular merits of positioning other scenery addons. I have FSGlobal terrain mesh, NextMap Terrain mesh for california in the way of terrain meshes.I have as well, GEX, UTX , in the way of texture etc addons.Other Scenery types include Earth simulations Alderney, as well as VFRGenXV2 photoscenery for England and wales.So, any advice on the best way to set all that up would be appreciated, as you can imagine, my load times are very long with all that lot.By the way, would there be any negative effect, in terms of using lots of memory up, by using that much photoscenery, or does the game just bring in what it needs as you near the relavant area ? Thanks for the help, Mark

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