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Cedric Sin

Wilco CLS A330/340 merge?

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Google is your friend, There are many merges, but best to do some searching and fine tune your own.Searched on Google:

This is the guide for merging the CLS A333RR model into Wilco/FT A333RR:1. Copy "model.rr" folder and its contents from CLS Aircraft into Wilco A333RR folder (feelThere PIC A333RR)2. Backup original Wilco A333RR "Aircraft.cfg" file, because we will edit it...3. Copy and paste (replace) these sections from CLS Aircraft.cfg into Wilco/FT Aircraft.cfg file- exits- views- lights- effects- contact_points4. Don't forget to change the "model" tag on "fltsim" section. Change it to "model=rr", so the CLS model will be used.That's all...
Same would apply to the other variants.

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