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Can FSX be Configured for Single and Widescreen at the Same Time?

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I still haven't solved my 2D view and flashing cursor problem but I just had a thought and thought I'd start a fresh new thread. Since my problem seems to happen when I try to open a 2D panel while in stretched/widescreen view, is it possible to have FSX use the widescreen view for the 3D virtual view and then have the 2D views open in single, separate monitors and if so, how would I set FSX up with TH2G? In other words, when the virtual view is selected, the TripleHead2Go uses stretched view across the 3 monitors, but when I open the center cockpit view, fmc, throttle pedestal, etc., they will open in one monitor and then I could drag different panels to the other monitors? I thought I'd try the Level D 767 out and it worked great in 3D view but as soon as I went to open the pedestal within the 3D widescreen view (using Shift/number key), I got a stretched and distorted panel and my cursor started flashing like crazy. Sure enough, framerates dropped drastically, and my session was shot. (see my other thread Problems with TripleHead2Go). It seems if I open it within a normal single monitor cell, it is fine. Thanks, Regards, Tom

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