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MD-11 Corruption

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Hi,MY graphics starting glitching in multiple different 3D apps under both Vista and XP. The MD-11 seems to be the first to show symptoms of this problem.The two things I did that directly affect the MD-11:1) I re-installed my graphics drivers for Vista. Note that I used the same version that I had been using previously.2) My card was overheating so I blew out what dust there was, and everything seems fine now.#1 was a possible fix as this fixed specific glitching in another program, however, the MD-11 no longer crashes when I switch day to night or vice-versa, and does not go transparent mid-flight (I was losing the VC with the update for no apparent reason).If you suffer from the VC disappearing, crashing when switch day to night, etc.. then blow out your computer, cool it off, and if that doesn't work, re-install your graphics drivers.Best regards,Robin.

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