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Can you change the autogen viewable height?

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Hi all,I am currently building a new PC to run FS9 and its turined into a mammoth task, its amazing how your mind plays trricks on you to what you think you had setup before.one issue I am finding is that the the new PC can run all the autogen so I should be able to see al lthe buildings & trees etc.. I am finding that when I take off from an airport, im not even that high but the buildings pop-up right in front of me, not appear far away. Also, I dont have to be that high and they start to disappear to just leave me with the flat terrain graphics. It looks odd when coming into land and buildings appear at the last minute.i am running GE Pro and Flight Environment but dont think they should affect it. Is there a way to get the buildings to appear further away and to remain viewable until i am much higher up in the air?thanks

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