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Guest JamesWoods

Gone back to TrafficX from UT2

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Guest JamesWoods

Getting same fps with TrafficX as i did with UT2 ,but definatly no more traffic injection pauses, and the enroute traffic also seems more realistic, cuase with UT2 it seems enroute traffic sort of dissapears till you near desitnation airport.TrafficX models are not as good as UT2 , but i could definatly do without the annoying traffic injection pause.with cs767 am getting around 11fps on final, about 29 fps in cruise, 15 on approach.Its back to Trafficx for me now. And the models are largly alright. System i7920@3.8 gtx285 vista64edit::if you dont have high end system, cs767 will be too fps on your system

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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