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Need help/Too much Lift Loss in turns

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Hello everyone, I hope someone is able to help me.Im currently working on the flight dynamics of the Boeing 737.I happen to be in the lucky position to fly this plane (NG-Version,though)for real to earn my living.So now to the question. Everything is fine with the dynamics, but when I commence a turn with the plane ,the lift loss is way too high, meaning I have to pitch up far too much to keep my altitude.Its just not realistic to fly a visual circling approach with 7-9 degrees of pitch up,just to keep altitude for example. It seems to be a general problem,regardless of flap position or speed,though its more obvious in low speed regimes I know of course from reality and the days at flight school that a bit of backpressure on the yoke is needed during turns to compensate for the banked liftvector in a turn.But this is way too much.I noticed this behaviour with several FS-Planes, even with the otherwise excellent PMDG 737 NG. Does anyone know a solution for this?which part of the .cfg File or .air needs to be modified to reduce the loss of lift during banked turns? Would be really great if someone could help. Best regards, Corey

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