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  1. Hello everyone,well the crossbar flight director and adi would be my biggest wish, that would be so cool.Another great addition would be to replace the round dial radioaltimeter witha small vertical tape style one, like on the RFP 747 or Richard Probst' 727 panel.The additional new free space on the panel to the right of the Tape-RA could be filled with a small standby horizon, which would also be a cool and is animportant feature on the real plane.Otherwise just wanting to say thank you to Bob and all the others involved forgiving us such a great plane as freeware. Its really one of my all-timee favourites.Thanks again and keep up the good work.Best regards, J. Corey
  2. Hello Bob or anyone else,can you tell where in the panel.cfg file the sounds for the altitude callouts during descent/approach are referenced to,or where I can find the sound files for it?Because the callouts are simply not working,everything remains silent.I already looked for the soundfiles or gauge for those callouts but couldn't find it.It worked fine in older Versions but now ,nothing.If u don't know a solution,please just tell me,where the RADALT sounds are located or activated and I'll try to fix it myself. Thanx a lot JOhn
  3. Hello everyone,first of all thanx so much,for such a superb addon,and making it available as freeware is even greater.However I'm having a really strange problem with the sound in the cockpit.All the cockpit sounds seem to work normal,but the trim sound doesnt't work.The other thing thats not working are the radio altitude callouts during approach.Very seldom there is a callout,but mostly there are no callouts at all.Has anybody any idea how to solve this problem,or whats the reason?That would be great,because it contributes a lot to the feeling of realism in the plane.I'm at a loss here.I installed everything in order:Version 1.2,1.21,1.22,1.23a. I also added the fsound.dll line fs9.cfg and checked all the sound files are there.I also tried reinstalling everything,but the problem appears again.If anybody could help me with that issues, it would be great.Thanx a lot in advance, Corey
  4. First of all,Congrats for such a superb aircraft,it's really great to have the old 737-200 finally modelled with all system details&functionality.Just one question:Any chance in a later release for a edition with a different ADI.The classical ball-shaped one with a 2cue-FD?Like the one here: think it was used quite a lot and even already in the old -100 version,with lufthansa for example.Any just a question,and it would be really great to have that kind of ADi available as well,but if not,no prob, Greetings,Corey