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Flaps and Spoilers not displaying properly! Help please!

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I apologize sincerely if this issue has arisen before, but I can't seem to find a solution. The aircraft I am referring to is the PMDG 747-400X. I have flown the aircraft multiple times, and all works flawlessly except the flaps and spoilers. The flaps and spoilers are set, (while on the ground or in the air, both) and when i look into the external view of the aircraft, the vertical columns that support the flaps are down, but they don't take the actual flap sheets down. Also, the spoilers... I look in my throttle pedestal, and they are fully deployed, but in the external view, they do not appear to be up at all. This happens while on the ground not moving, and in the air, I have tested both ways. Seems to be a graphics problem, because the flaps and spoilers appear to have the appropriate effect on the flying capability of the aircraft, just not the visual... Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!~Matt Cartin

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