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Hi, Jeff here of SimSamurai-dot-net and yes ...I will have to say that I am quite real and very reputable! I am a real private pilot in San Diego California and have been neck deep into advanced flight simulation for many years. My products are intended for the largest market of the "home sim" user. The 260 page UGTAFS manual I have written is a very detailed "how to" for both novice and advanced enthisiasts. While most all of this information is scattered across countless forums by piecemeal I have instead bound it all into one very handy reference manual. I have also just printed the first V1.1 revision so all sales from here forward (Nov 15 2009) get the most updated book revision with Windows 7 tips. What it does not include is how to build your own level D FAA trainer. Why? because only about .001% of the population has enough money to do that and i like to be able to fly more than one aircraft in my sim as well as still use my sim as my home PC. The manual does however include everthing else you will likely ever need to know about how to create a very advanced home sim station as is seen with my XS-1 station. FYI...all you see on the site is run by just 1 PC too.As you will see in my videos (and on my site) I build my own virtual panels, all of which is detailed in the UGTAFS. I am also in the process of adding dual mechanical yokes and dual trim wheels which should be completed by December 10th. I have sold to about 50 customers since I first posted my website in July. My XS-1 DIY blueprints are professionally drafted (by me) but as we speak they are being transferred into computer CAD style prints for an even more professional appearance. In all regards I promise that my products will certainly be the absolute best that they can be and I will always look for ways to make them even better! My product descriptions do live up to what I sell.I will post some more videos soon with other virtual cockpits I have made as well will post some on my yoke / trim project. For now, all of my videos can be seen on my YouTube\user\simsamurai site. Only a few of these are embedded into the website.To all simmers, please know I spent a ton of time and research on my products because I knew they would all get reviewed and held up to very high standards by the sim community and therefore I do feel they are very worthwhile purchases because I put ALOT of careful effort into them....for the past 3 years to be exact! Lastly, I discount 10% for first time orders over $50 and the Globetrekker GT-1000 is free with all purchases. I think the packaged bundle is a great deal for anyone who is ready for the "next level"!I am also in the process of adding a HANGAR TALK / Testimonials page so that I can post some customer comments once I have more sales come in. For now though, I have recieved nothing but great satisfaction from all my customers so I do feel I am off to a good start. If you have any questions you can contact me via this forum or my site.Regards,Jeff. - Prepare for Takeoff ! :( :( :(

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