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  1. Thanks DJ.Working perfectly now!!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  2. >This means that when you start FS9 it must>load to the "Create a Flight" page using the default flight.>You can then change to the 777 and set up your flight {and>save it if necessary}.>>Try this link:>>http://phoenix-simulation.co.uk/default.as...displayfaq&id=8>>and use it to set up FS9.>>Eric - looking back at your posts I suspect this might be your>problem.>>John RooumDoes anyone have a copy of the page to which this link points or at least the gist of it? I can't tune the comm radios on the 757. I'd like to be able to do so in order to fly online with Vatsim.Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  3. I put 'em into the 757 today and they look great.............when they work. I've always had a problem with the lights for this bird. They never showed until today when I landed at RJTT! Before this they didn't light up the runway or show in spot view. I suspect it may be a video card problem?? I just noticed on the Shockwave forum that they are building a library of config files for various a/c. Maybe the 757 will be one of 'em.Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  4. Thanks John. They did actually move the one and only time that they worked! And I do always load from the default flight. Funny thing is that the transponder will tune but not the comms!!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  5. I am unable to tune the Comm radios. They are on but the tuning knobs do not move. I know that they work because Radar Contact will tune them.
  6. Thanks for that!!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  7. When flying the A320 with a cost index of 50 I get a nose up attitude of 3-4%. Is that right? Hard to see over the glareshield!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  8. Does it have a VC?Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  9. I just installed an nvidia 7300 512mg card and now i don't see the exterior lights (beacon, strobe etc.} in spot view yet they show up in tower view. Any ideas??Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  10. I agree.....the night lighting in the VC sux!! Help us please!!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  11. Thanks Vin. Found it. What a great plane!!Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  12. where is the ap switch for this bird?Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  13. Two great videos Steve! I'm new to the Airbus so I really appreciated them. I'm flying the Wilco 320 for Virtual Air Canada right now but hope move up to the PSS 340 when I have the required hours.Dean PurcellCNK4Up the Irons!!
  14. Just wondering what people do with all the great warbirds that are available for FS9......is there any kind of online club.Dean PurcellnearCNK4Up the Irons!!
  15. There is an option to save your FS Commander flight plan to RC.Up the Irons!!
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