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A Flight Environment observation and then a question

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Hi all, a most Happy New Year (up-and-coming, that is...) to every AVSIM poster and staff of AVSIM itself!Since applying the SP1 patch to REX2004, I have observed that there is a much more detailed rendering of cloud layers and combinations of cloud types, using the REX weather engine, rather than what I had been using while waiting for the patch, which was AS v6.5 I wonder if REX's weather engine is program-aware of the different cloud graphics of REX2004, whilst AS 6.5 does not actually call them into play. Since the patch, and using the internal weather engine, the sky has never looked better! (Edit comment: The REX2004 weather engine post SP1, seems to build a more sophisticated sky than when having AS6.5 call the shots, pre SP1). POST EDIT: REX's weather engine might still need further tweaks in SP2. I am flying off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico. Real weather on the Net reports Acapulco at near 90F in real time. In my plane, the temperature reading on the ground showed 59 F. Uh oh.... ;) Further tweaks seem to need adjusting! Post EDIT: I just turned off REX's weather engine and fired up AS v6.5 It is reporting and sending the CORRECT ground temperature as reported in real time. REX2004's weather engine definately needs further patching/examination.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My question in this post is as follows.I have noticed that when flying over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the east coast of the U.S., and while flying to and from the Caribbean...that I will have the ocean-blue texture that I have created via REX2004's create screen, but then...will have a 'line-drawn-in-the-sand' blue-green ocean texture band that stays about 60 to 100 miles into the distance BUT...as I progress in my flight, the blue ocean texture will load about 10-30 miles ahead of the plane's x/y coordinate. I should check out the Pacific side of things to see if this 'line in the sand' of two different hues of ocean color is also present in that body of water. This is not a blended natural appearing ocean, but an abutting block of two colors, light blue-green and the darker ocean blue that was/is under my flight path. The glue-green appears to be the INLAND WATER TEXTURE that is being rendered out upon ocean bodies of water.I wonder if this is an anomaly with FS 9.(x), or...could this be a bug in REX2004 where it rendered an ocean texture as this very light blue-green where it should be dark blue? Everything else works very well. Has anybody else had this where a light blue-green texture abuts a darker ocean blue texture in a full, long block towards the horizon, but the two are not blended. Just a clear line of different color where the two touch?If you have had this, and it is actually a quirk of the flight sim, did you find any setting that would remove this, or did you adjust any REX texture to also have this removed?I wonder if this was the OCEAN TEXTURE problem that some reported, that was supposed to be fixed with the SP1 patch? If this is that bug...then I would suggest that it was not successfully fixed by the patch. Was this that bug, pre-SP1? Again, I use the term possible REX2004-bug very lightly. It might just be how FS9.75 shows rendered ocean textures when viewed at FL 270 and higher?!?!?!?Thanks for your read.Cheers,Mitch

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