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Paint Kit Suggestion

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So I am painting the PMDG 747 and a thought came to me. In future or current paint kits, it would be awesome to have an image of all the paint kit files pointing out locations like for example on the Engines I always get confused which side is the "left" side and which is "right" side. It would be awesome to have a simple jpeg or simple picture with arrows pointing and telling you specific details about it. Maybe I should remember :) I never remember and then I have to guess.This suggestion would probably help us beginners out here a bunch but probably not the experts.Taylor Oldham

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Hiya Taylor, One thing I often do is get the altering to my aircraft.cfg done first, that way I can test as I paint, from start to finish. Some paintkits do have a layout you can turn on or off that will tell For and Aft, and once you use em, you'll get use to them fast. When I started and first hit the engines, winglets etc... what I would do is just number each one on the .psd, save it to my texture folder and then load it into FSX and pan around and note which is where. That method could come in handy many times. When painting the side or near the nose, the vortexs suck you in haha, well not really, but painting detail can get hard to find where the point is that starts to stretch. To find these marks I write out numbers straight up the fuselage 1234567890abcdefg etc... then keep it as reference, load fsx and see where it is the numbers start to stretch. There are tons of tricks. You'll develope your own soon enough.Good luck with you paint!Here's an example how I do it. As mentioned, I number the winglets. I save it for FSX. Load it up and check which is what number. Make the notes directly into the .psd such as Right Inside, Left Outside, etc... Of course remember to shut that notes layer visibility off prior to flattening the image :)which.gif

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Dan Prunier

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