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  1. This was probably the last thing I was expecting from PMDG, not that is a bad thing. ;) CC ready.
  2. LOL! I would only recommend a Antec 300 if you are looking for a low powered budget build which of course my machine isn't lol. My 600T was also a HUGE upgrade.
  3. I kind of regret cheaping out on the case when I built this system. I might try that. On the antec 300 I had better luck with exhausting out the rear but this is of course a different case
  4. Yep! I actually have them exactly as I had them in the Antec 300. Sucking air in from the front and exhausting out the top and rear. This case is much bigger with bigger fans so airflow is much better compared to the antec 300. Tomorrow I am gonna work on cable management a little more.
  5. Well I was too embarrased to upload my antec 300 system as the cable management was TERRIBLE but I just got the corsair 600T and here is a terrible quality picture of it. Also I know I have a bundle of cables at the bottom but I got lazy at the end. Temps dropped A LOT!
  6. Sweet! This has been the one thing PMDG has been missing and finally its here!
  7. Hey mate, just read your post on my page, thanks for the advise but it's all in the past. I'm now buying the PMDG 747 as a CD

  8. LOL This is an epic idea lol Really shows how fast the Concorde is.
  9. *******, you are making fame in the FS community. You probably already new this but Flight Sim Labs created a program that will make your changes with automation http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?...re-fix-utility/
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