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  1. Hate to break it to you but you should just save up and buy/build a new computer. Whatever you upgrade, it'll bottleneck the rest of your computer.
  2. Maybe the cable is damaged? What is your computer connecting at when plugged in with wire?
  3. I do something very similar. Every few cleanings I will bring out this "force dryer" on the low setting and blow the air from probably 7 or so feet away since the thing is extremely powerful I've done it 3 times now and no damage.
  4. Try deleting and creating a volume in disk management window.
  5. Well, on Sunday I decided to buy a 660Ti and it should be here on Friday. Pretty much what decided it for me was that I put my 460 on eBay and it sold within 24 hours and so for the time being I am running on this OLD junker.
  6. These results are with REX 4096 clouds Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg 2548 300000 7 10 8.493 I guess my GTX 460 SC is showing its age.
  7. I recently got the FSX tick and want to improve my experience. Currently I have the GTX 460 SC SE from EVGA and my fps are not amazing (could trying lowering AA some) and with the new Nvidia cards I thought I should upgrade. We all know FSX is CPU bound but I was wondering if getting the new 660ti would be good $/performance improvement would be a worthy upgrade. Right now I use the "usepools=0" tweak which I think with my cpu overclock is overpowering my graphics card because on occasion I see artifacts. I do play other games such as BF3 so obviously I would see an enormous improvement but I am more interested in the FSX improvement. What are you thoughts?
  8. I just saw this article and I thought I was reading the article wrong. Pretty much saw this coming although not this early.
  9. Yep I believe so. I find it strange that I go 2 or 3 days without any trouble then all of a sudden a bsod while I am away from the computer. I guess I'll try lowering my overclock and see if it is that.
  10. I uploaded the 2 files that were in there. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2403253/minidump.zip
  11. I have the Corsair TX650 power supply and the ram is running at the listed spec. Temps are fine with High 60s on prime after an hour and I replaced the thermal paste not too long ago. I am not sure what my graphics card temp is but I get these bsods when my computer is idling so I doubt its a temp issue. I have yet to see the bsod screen but I know I get them because my computer reboots back to the login screen.
  12. For the last maybe 2 months I have been getting random bsods and strangely they all happen when I walk away or am away from the computer. Well, I did have 2 bsods playing a game but feel its not my overclock is unstable. Other than the 2 bsods playing games all the bsods happened while idling or having maybe a youtube video open or webpages open. My current overclock is a 2500K @ 4.6.ghz with between 1.336 and 1.352 volts with it usually being at 1.344. That is at least what CPU-Z is reporting. While writing this I saw the volts spike to 1.360 volts. Could an unstable voltage be the cause of this?
  13. Sure you can get good performance out of a stock cpu but I'll tell you that the difference between stock and overclock is night and day.
  14. Recently I found out that we are paying for 30 download and 6 upload for internet which surprised me (long story)because in MANY speedtests I was getting 19mbps (max) and about 15 to 16(avg) with the full 6 upload. When I found out that we were paying for 30mbps download I took my laptop and plugged it in via ethernet and on a few tests was getting 29 to 35mbps but with wireless right next to the router was getting the 19(max). The router is wireless N and so are all the adapters in the house. I was thinking about trying powerline as I think there is some severe interference with the router that is causing the house to not receive the full speed. Who has tried it and how did you like it? How old was your house wiring?
  15. OH WOOOOW!!! I didn't know about this! Awesome tip!
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