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FSUIPC, WIDEFS, SHOWTEXT settings for RC 4.3

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Show Multiline Window should be ON if you want RC's window on the FS screen, OFF if you are using ShowText instead (whether on the same or a WideFS networked PC). This is really the only one related to RC's menus and operates the window which replaces the old defunct AdvDisplay module.Suppress Single line is only related to single line messages, not just from RC, some quite important, and should normally be left enabled. Here you get things like notifications from Active Sky and Project Magenta and other programs saying they are connected, ready, whatever. Programs which use this for trivial things which you'd like suppressed are usually better disabled using their own options.Suppress Multiline FS is normally suppresed for use with RC, but I don't think it affects its displays.I use ShowText on a networked PC and have the INI options set thus:ShowMultilineWindow=NoSuppressSingleline=NoSuppressMultilineFS=Yes

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