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Tom Allensworth

Locking of my PSS post

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. ONE DAY after posting that message it was locked by one of Avsim's moderators with the comment:

this is a General Discussion forum and PSS issues don't belong here. This thread is now locked.
The reason I put that post here in the first place was commented on in the original post. Negative comments about PSS placed in their "support" forum get deleted almost immediately as being "not support related" so my question is this:IF PEOPLE THAT ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE WAY PSS TREATS THEM CAN'T POST IN THE PSS SUPPORT FORUM OR THE GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM, THEN WHERE EXACTLY ARE WE REQUIRED PUT THESE TYPES OF POSTS?I'm growing very irritated at the way dissenting opinions about PSS are treated here on Avsim. PSS needs to start looking at criticism in a constructive manner. I have been neither rude nor condescending in my comments about what I perceive to be a bad customer service attitude on the part of PSS.If anyone here doubts what I say, then please note that the ""Patch status for 777/747.....tomorrow is 2 weeks" post that I referred to in my original post is now gone, never to be seen again.Avsim and PSS need to remember that a TRUE forum is an avenue for users to share ALL comments, regardless of wither they be good OR bad.Matt Wampler

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If PSS is not listening to your complaints, then what motivation do you have here in posting this, where it is unlikely to be read, or responded to by PSS? Just to vent? To tell everyone how bad PSS is? What? What purpose is served by this type of post other than to vent? None. That's why these types of posts are locked. All they do is enflame and provide the opportunity for others to gang on. And that is why they are locked or removed.As for YOUR definition of a forum; "a TRUE forum is an avenue for users to share ALL comments, regardless of wither they be good OR bad."My response; we'll be the judge of that. When threads have the potential or in fact, do, devolve into flaming, baiting and the BS that we have seen way too much here and elsewhere, we will not hesitate to lock down or remove a thread. Just like I am now going to do with this one.

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