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Frame rates observation on a medium powered system.

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Hi, Just an observation of settings after a few days tweaking FS2004.System ECS K7s5a mobo, 1 gig ram, AMD xp1800, Asus 8200 DLX 64 meg w/ MS XP provided drivers 29.58 ( no tweaking available ) on monitor 1, S3 savage4 32 meg w/ MS XP provided drivers 5.1.2001 on monitor 2.mesh complexity - 100texture size - 100terrain - land onlywater effects - highdawn / dusk - Xdextended terrain - Xdspecial effects - highscenery - denseautogen - denseadd on - Xdadd on - normalground shadows - offsun glare - Xdlens glare - Xdaircraft - Global Highsight distance - 60cloud distance - 603d % - 100detailed cloud - hightarget FR - 23 @ 1024 x 768render texture - Xdt & l - Xdaa - offtri-linear filtringhardware lights - 8global texture - mediumKORD Puffy cloudy day - no traffic 19-20 100% traffic 12-13 Clear day - no traffic 22-23 100% traffic 15-16KGRB Puffy cloudy day - no traffic 23 100% traffic 20-21 Clear day - no traffic 23 100% traffic 21-22FRs observed on ground using King air and GPS undocked to monitor 2, all frame rates increased when in the air.One problem I did have was tearing textures when moving on the runway or panning around. Reducing TextureBandwidthLimit in the .cfg [Display] from 40 to 30 solved it... :-)All in all very happy with the performance albeit FS2002 on my system m had average low traffic rates near 27. Worth it??? O U BETCHA !! :-)FS04 is smooooooth with better visuals and much better flight models. The fixing of glideslope capture rocks along with much better handling of autopilot functions. If you have a FS2002 aircraft with crappy AP and GS performance you may want to try finding an '04 aircraft with similar performance and adding the following entries to the aircraft.cfg under [Autopilot] and tweak away. :-) max_pitch=max_pitch_acceleration=max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt=max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt=max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt_breakpoint=max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt_breakpoint=max_bank=max_bank_acceleration=max_bank_velocity=max_throttle_rate=nav_proportional_control=nav_integrator_control=nav_derivative_control=nav_integrator_boundary=nav_derivative_boundary=gs_proportional_control = gs_integrator_control = gs_derivative_control = gs_integrator_boundary = gs_derivative_boundary = yaw_damper_gain = Regards,RomanGREEN BAY PACKERS][/i :-ukliam :-beerchug

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