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SS MD-11 - Fuel problem

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Hi. I have the Sky Simulations MD-11 but it's a very long time since I flew it. All is OK, but I have a problem with the panel. Does anyone else who has this a/c have the same thing, or is it just me?The fuel usage is very odd. On the overhead panel there are five tanks shown. Fuel is used up from one tank at a time - first the 'AUX TANKS', then, when that is almost empty, 'TANK 3', then 'TAIL TANKS' and finally 'TANK 2'. The fuel in the left tank, 'TANK 1' is never touched and if all the other tanks have been used up the aircraft engines switch off, even though TANK 1 may be full (verified in the FS9 fuel window). As each tank is almost empty a 'FUEL LOW' warning appears in the cockpit, then goes out as the next tank starts to empty. None of the feed ('Trans') switches makes any difference.I tried using a B727 panel I have instead, and then the fuel runs as normal - wing tanks empty and then the centre tanks come in to play. As it is, the a/c is perfectly flyable, but the CG goes awry - and the Low Fuel warnings are a bit annoying.I'd be really grateful if anyone else with this a/c could report back if they have the same thing, or (even better) on how to fix this, though I have tried changing the fuel section in the aircraft.cfg to no effect - I think it's a panel glitch, but then why can't I find any reference to it anywhere online if so??Thanks!Martin

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