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Never buy a dvd from http://pilotseye.tv/

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Hye never buy a dvd from them !!!! angry.gifangry.gifhttp://pilotseye.tv/I wanto to alert everybody of the swindle and or rip-off from their absolutely useless, rubbish empty dvd's !!! never buy it it is really a shame , incredible to lie in their website that their videos are amazing with 6 cameras etc ... HD I have bought the 777 flight to japan during 90 mns we have 4 mns only where the captain tells you someting quickly about the PFD and ND , all the rest of the movie are pictures from the ground and the cities they overfly , after that the tourism tour from the crew in Tokyo !!!! and the come back flight ( 11 hours time !!! ) you have 2 mns the third pilot explains his role during 2 mns !!!!! Inbelievable you will economize 29 euros better to buy a good addon . very pity to see that The ITVV collection is 10000000000000 % better and so professionnal and interesting but from long time they don't make new movies unfortunetly . Just wanted to advise you all from this .

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