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CaptureFS - Automatic FS Screen saving and Upload

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captureFS1.jpgCaptures FS9/FSX screens and save sthem to disk and/or upload to web.More info belowDOWNLOAD HERE!I always liked SAG-TV but i wanted to be able to monitor our vacc's CPTs or Group Flights e.t.c. and than ment to have an option to upload the screens anywhere i wanted. Also i wanted my local saves to be of the highest quality and not scaled down. That's why i created the freeware CaptureFS.Feel free to use it freely.If you have any questions or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me at hayabs@yahoo.com- Settings are saved in a CaptureFS.xml file upon exiting the application. File is located on the application directory.- Interval: Seconds between each Save/Upload- Which FS? FS9/FSX is supported. The application MUST be running in order to use CaptureFS. If the app is not running you will get a message- Save captures to folder checkbox: Click to enable saving and choose the save folder.- Image Type: Image type for saved files- Begin Save: Begin saving images in specified folder. Be sure to specify the fs version and dolfer name.- User / Password : Credentials for the ftp/http upload.- Address: Full url (including protocol) for uploading.- Filename: Upload filename. Include name + extention (.jpg)- Image scale factor: 1 means full size, 0,5 half size and so on. Permitted values from 0,1 to 1.-Begin Upload: Begin uploading images to the specified url using the authentication provided.Status bar displays the number of images/kilobytes for each operation.

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