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FS9 Pilot Logbook missing?

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Hi;I've been away from simming for the last 2 years, but now getting back into it... Previous to this most of my forum work has been other forums. I posted there but no one replies. I guess the forums have come and gone over the last 2 years. AVSIM is the biggest so figured I'd try my luck here :)I named a pilot log with my name to save flight log data in FS9. I then (stupidly) deleted the standard-pilot-log, but kept the log with my name on it.I did not take much notice of the location of the standard log file. Now, when I close the sim I receive a prompt informing me that I need to replace the logbook to log the flight.Can someone direct me in what to do to rectofy this issue? Thank you....iain

WilloW (YMHB)
B737-800 simulator

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