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  1. If one has their own web space, they could upload it there as well and, link to it here. I have been doing that for years.
  2. Imagine my surprise when perusing the front page of AVSIM and read of Opa's passing. He had helped me a couple of times, directly and indirectly and for that, I am greatful. Daryl, your Dad was an inspiration to what one could aspire to be. He was always helpful and I cannot ever recall see him saying anything that could be interpreted as irate or sarcastic even. As noted, he will be missed by all in the FS community as he was the one who had an endless supply of knowledge on the subject. My condolences to your family. Opa, may you fly free where ever you wish. Godspeed friend.
  3. Sounds like I will wear my H2S monitor on the plane from now on (I work places where it is in abundance like paper mills and refineries). :(
  4. I agree, the prices will not drop, but go up as you said. The airlines were trying to raise fares, but SW held them back a couple of weeks ago. Now is the perfect time to get the fare increase the other airlines were wanting unless SW drops the fare increase once the taxes are reinstated.
  5. Airlines have raised fares to keep prices at the same price as they were when the taxes were in effect. Fliers May Not See Savings From FAA Shutdown has the details, but is a bit wrong, Delta has raised it's prices too (I just heard it on the local newscast a few minutes ago). I echo the sentiment of those interviewed for the story about the partial FAA shutdown and passengers told of the fare increases in the fact that with all the nickel and diming that the airlines are already doing to us, they could let passengers save those few bucks (about $30 per ticket in Atlanta) instead of pocketing the millions they are making off of them.
  6. Here is something else MS intends to include with Win8, XBox Live. :( Now, there may be some here who have an XBox and have used said service, but I equate this to MS trying to get PC gamers to use and pay for Games For Windows Live (and failed as a paid service which made MS change it to a free service). I have seen where people claim all sorts of stuff about it's abilities, but those abilities are already available via better programs on the PC. There is no reason to include it unless you already have XBox Live and want to chat with other XBox Live users while you are on the PC. As it is, MS already killed crossplatform gaming (think PC vs XBox gamers) due to mediocre PC gamers beating the daylights out of the best XBox gamers.XBox Live does not offer PC gamers anything that they do not already have.
  7. Here are a few examples of what the TSA has been doing, in total disregard to previous statements from the head of the TSA and Department of Homeland Security about not frisking kids under 12 years old.Parents of 6-Year-Old Girl Pat Down at Airport Want Procedures ChangedVideo shows shirtless boy pat-down from TSAKirkland 6-year-old patted down by TSA agents This after a change earlier this year which falls into line with what was originally stated last year when pat downs were first started. Granted, the boy should have put the Gameboy in the tray to be xrayed, but once it was known he had it on him, it should have been sent through xray and him walk back through the metal detector. TSA pats down a screaming toddler This was taped by the young girls reporter father and broadcast all over the US news stations and led to the change referred to in the above video.
  8. I revisited this topic after reading it earlier this year. I went back to that Spokeo website and found that even after having it removed in January, it has since reappeared. If any of you have asked to have your information removed, you may want to double check to see if they put it back up.
  9. While not WWII, Ghost Recon is a very good game and with equal to 7 DVDs worth of mods available for it, there is lots to play.
  10. I want to know how someone can patent something that the government actually produces and has copyright over. Charts are compiled and disseminated by the FAA, not private companies last I looked. If that is the case, the FAA needs to take down their digital charts and such elsewise they will be sued by these characters. :(
  11. Back when I was in the Marines flying in helicopters, we flew around 12,000' without using O2 while doing cross country flights. Any higher and we would have had to have O2.
  12. Cannon plugs are waterproof and gauges are sealed too from what I remember. We used to use fire hoses to wash helicopters with when I was in the military and water never hurt anything.
  13. Try Catalina Airport (KAVX) right here at AVSIM.
  14. Now that I have caught up in this thread, I have to say that the HUDs system looks amazing. I may have to spring for TrackIR to fully enjoy this plane.
  15. There is another thread about this called Posky? further down the forums talking about this very thing.
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