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  1. I was going by this particular subforum and not others. Yes, you are correct in that IPB allows users to configure subforums to specific settings. When I posted that, I was kind of in a rush to finish up eating and the like so I could go to work.
  2. The attachement option is now visible right under the box where text in entered by either clicking on the Use Full Editor option or using the Add Reply button. Opa, you can now attach pics instead of having to upload them to ImageShack or PhotoBucket. That option had been missing until today. Thanks to whomever reenabled it.
  3. Thanks. I found it when I was planning my trip to the UK last year. After some time searching I found it. NAV Canada may be what you are looking for.I have found several government sites for airport diagrams, but others are difficult to come by. Germany apparently wants you to join but I can't tell if you have to pay or what to have access.
  4. Have you tried NATS Aeronautical Information Service yet? I think it may have what you want in the new AIRAC cycle.
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