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a plane crashed right by my office

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a beech queen air went down in the lagoon by my office complex today. it's just north of san carlos airport (ksql)... a lot of the planes go right over my building so i like to listen to the engines and guess what they are. today i heard this crazy one, it sounded like it was all rattling and also like it was running really high power...maybe this could be caused by one engine failed but the other was wound up to compensate?? it sounded kind of scary and weird. it was really hot out today (only a couple of times this year it's got up to the 90s) so i wonder if that was a contributing factor.ah well, anyway it's pretty sad. passenger was an old school ww2 bomber pilot, who got too old to get a license so he hired another pilot to fly him around..here's more info: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/article_preview.php?type=bnews&id=140122-andy crosby

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