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2 Flight videos using NL2000v4 Scenery & Carenado's C208B

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Greetings all,I just finished making 2 FSX flight recordings over NL2000v4 scenery, they came out pretty well. One is in DX9 the other mainly in DX10, atm I got 2 problems which I am trying to iron out while doing FSX recordings, FRAPS kills the frame rates, so even though I am getting 30+fps, as soon as I use fraps esp at 1080p, it halves the frames, so the videos look a bit stuttery. The other problem is video compression, from the initial recording and to the time I UL it to youtube, it loses much quality. Can't be avoided I think due to the original FRAPS recording files being HUGE, so I compress it down using window movie maker then UL it to youtube which I think must compress it down even more, cause when I watch the youtube recording at 1080p, it doesn't look anywhere as good as my resulting video from window movie maker. Still, c'est la vie.Anyhow, enjoy these 2 FSX flight recorded videos I made, best viewed at 1080p.Short flight(DX9) above Lelystad:

Flight(DX10) from Lelystad to Soesterberg:

Thanks for watching.

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