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  1. StamPilot

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. StamPilot

    This is the best year for flightsimming Ever!

    Could not have said it better! LOVE my hobby!
  3. Looks amazing! Thanks all for replies.
  4. Anders, thank you for reply. And are those light sources in P3D sufficient enough for simmer to be happy with the look? Or we need to add some effects like Shockwave to be absolutely happy?
  5. Just wanted to ask those who already own P3D v4. Are the lights effects there (i.e. the way lights look when it is a foggy or rainy weather, the effects like Shockvawe 3D lights have been giving to FSX) look realistic, better than in default FSX? Do they look the same as FSX with Shockvawe Redux? Or we still need to wait till some addon like Shockvawe is released? I do not meen here the way lights actually LIGHT ground and objects, this feature is available inP3D v.4..
  6. StamPilot

    CS 777 v1.4 Released

    CS are fast with support, have released a hotfix for EFB: Looks like the 777 is a winner.
  7. StamPilot

    Captain Sim L1011 compatible with P3D

    Yes me too!
  8. Looks like Captain Sim now have their L-1011 compatble with P3D. Has anybody tried it? I have their FSX version and really love it.
  9. There was no cold-and-dark in 1.0 and 1.1 as far as I recall.
  10. As far as I understand Captain Sim do not process payments themselves: - they use PayPal instead so I do not think there is anything to worry about.
  11. StamPilot

    Ed Knapp

    Not only for this aircraft. His repaints were great. R.I.P.
  12. StamPilot

    Lost motivation to fly

    Great video! Will add it to my favorites.
  13. StamPilot

    Captain Sim 777 V1.3 OUT!

    Don't mention it! To make a fair comparison we must say CS 777 has more systems and displays (WXR, EFB, standbies to name a few)/ Also CS vc is of better visual quality (more details, better shapes, better textures). Anyways the 29 is perfect fps. 24 is a standard movie projection fps BTW. Have you sent any complains to Hollywood?
  14. StamPilot

    Captain Sim 777 V1.3 OUT!

    Reading the text from CS site people are quoting here would help You need to download v.1.2 THEN download and install the update. BTW I have no probs with 1.3.
  15. StamPilot

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    Everything is not that bad. Quote from CS forum: "Just an update on the 1.2 timeframe: we HOPE to see it out in MAY2013." So may be we all should calm down and have a cup of coffee? I cannot understand many CS customers. First you say 'hurry up CS, release us at leats ANY update, ANY!!!', then when they do you blame them for premature release. I have no doubts they will release at least v.1.2 when they believe it is ready.