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  1. Could not have said it better! LOVE my hobby!
  2. Anders, thank you for reply. And are those light sources in P3D sufficient enough for simmer to be happy with the look? Or we need to add some effects like Shockwave to be absolutely happy?
  3. Just wanted to ask those who already own P3D v4. Are the lights effects there (i.e. the way lights look when it is a foggy or rainy weather, the effects like Shockvawe 3D lights have been giving to FSX) look realistic, better than in default FSX? Do they look the same as FSX with Shockvawe Redux? Or we still need to wait till some addon like Shockvawe is released? I do not meen here the way lights actually LIGHT ground and objects, this feature is available inP3D v.4..
  4. >If you have a problem with the cost of an addon, simply vote>with your wallet. Could not agree more, Michael! There is a good term 'worth the money'. If I do not like grapes I would hardly buy them even if they cost 1 cent. But if I love C-130 (and I DO love it), I make my own calculation. I really think this particular aircraft is worth the money I invested. It gives me more emjoynment than one good dinner in restaurant.
  5. >The FSX C-130 is superb. Smooth gauges, very high framerate.>Also the visual model is perfect.>No problems with the Herk on my PC. Framerate very similar to>the default planes.>>System E6850 2GB Ram 8800GTS 640MB WinXP>+ one here, similar system. Absolutely fantastic aircraft to fly!
  6. >The Acceleration pack is the best value in the flight sim>industry, so its a must have if you ask me, specially if you>want the best fighter jet available.>>The Captain Sim C-130 is the best big military aircraft I have>seen. DITTO!
  7. Merry Christmas and healthy, prosperous New Year to all!
  8. >I know man. I don't care what anyone thinks, fs11 sucks! When>they make it with everything I want, just the way i want it,>then I
  9. >I am quite pleased with Accelleration SP2, for me it is a>much smoother experience, flying over GENX Scenery at 200>KIAS, less blurries,definitely an improvement.>+1 here. My sim is much smoother, almost 50% increase in FPS.
  10. Thank you for HU and for hard work, Phil! Happy holidays!
  11. >I liken it to a banana. You know how the banana ripens from>that chewy greenish phase into the the poper yellow phase>where it tastes good. Well some people are having it green and>liking it. Others are finding it hard to get the skin off and>the top bends and you get a messed up banana and that's not>pleasant. But if you buy a green one and wait, it will go>yellow soon. >:) good comparison :)Rob I understand your concern. I moved to FSX and do not regret about it. In sime time you find that you just can't use FS9 again.
  12. >tester...Thanks for reply, I thought you are the first lucky guy who grabbed the box :)BTW good idea to make this thread sticky.
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