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  1. There are only 2 winglet options for the NG. Blended winglets and now the scimitar. The other two are for completely different variants of the 737.
  2. It's been a few years and your profile photo still trips me up.
  3. No, it's actually quite the opposite. Once again, I urge you to remember that North America is not the end of the world. Comparatively, ATR's 600 variant is way more widespread than the Q400 with aircraft operating in almost all continents. Just because YOU don't see ATRs because of your location, it doesn't mean that they aren't there. With regards to performance per dollar, the argument for the ATR 600 is a strong one. I can recall a few years ago my regional airline (LIAT Airlines) was faced with replacing their aging Q300, Q100 fleet. After weighing their options, the case for the ATR was stronger, especially on the shorter commuter routes that is more common everywhere else that isn't in North America. With the 600 receiving more orders than the Q400, it's pretty absurd to say that demand isn't there for this aircraft. With that being said, I'm sure PMDG has their hands full, I don't expect to see them making either anytime soon - but I hope I am wrong. Maybe we'll eventually see a resurrection of PMDG's Dash-8 project in the future, but Majestic has also started work on their Q200/300 variants.
  4. I'm sure by no means PMDG develops aircraft just based on popularity or what's common - more like whatever they want to and whatever they can access material for. Let us also not forget that the the world continues outside of the borders of the USA and North America. You say that the ATR isn't very common around the world but then give statistics for the USA. The ATR 600 variant is also outselling the Q400 variant everywhere else that isn't North America - so it is odd that you'd say it isn't selling well. They're slower, fly less of the distance but are cheaper and more fuel efficient than their Q400 counterpart. I suspect the only reason the Q400 outsells in North America is that extra distance, allowing operators to replace a jet with a turboprop. At the end of the day I'm not really too worried about what aircraft the team makes as I know it'll be good, but it surely doesn't help to spread misinformation.
  5. I have silently waited for my very own woodpigeon. If I can get a beta team invite then all would be well. I just don't know if we'll find space to store the Segway! Personally would love to see the NG in X-Plane 10 (maybe call it the PMDG NGXP) above all, especially a PMDG rendition
  6. jbassue

    Crash to desktop

    I don't get fatal errors, but I've noticed that "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working" is a lot more frequent recently. Actually haven't been able to finish a flight as yet.
  7. Why isn't this having more interest? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  8. American Airlines New American Airlines Old American Airlines Neold
  9. I'm looking for a summer release what about you guys? March seems really early.
  10. It's been a bit side tracked since the topic began, but useful info if you're or anyone you know is willing to but an opposing T7. Here's the said topic Good luck!
  11. You've opened a topic previously about getting the other T7, fair enough. We have relayed all information, good and bad about competitor products. You can see the majority of the community will wait for the PMDG bird. I'm at the point now that I can see that user input will not change your mind anyway. Buy whatever you want, and when we are enjoying our completely operational T7, good luck getting your VNAV working. That's all I have to say about that Mr dannyterrazza.
  12. Hope you and your family are okay with the storm, best wishes. Living down south?
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