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  1. I believe development started in FSX, but was ultimately finished in XP10. It was actually brought to attention in a recent post if you can bother to find it.
  2. There are only 2 winglet options for the NG. Blended winglets and now the scimitar. The other two are for completely different variants of the 737.
  3. I'd love to see the NGX rendition in X-Plane. That would be lovely.
  4. It's been a few years and your profile photo still trips me up.
  5. Coincidentally as we speak FlyJSim just released a video promoting their 727 'v2' which will be available next week for purchase.
  6. Hey Teo, I do not believe PMDG has intentions to continue along the lines of retro aircraft the DC-6. They made it primarily to aid their transition into X-Plane. Modelling such an aircraft with not much system integration etc was a huge advantage on their part. I am speaking from personal opinion, but X-Plane 10 has a really well modeled 727 and 732 Twin Jet from FlyJSim. Both of these airliners are fantastic additions to the simulator. IXEG's 733 is also a step up in terms of system integration from the era of the Twin Jet and the 727, but definitely still a notch below what you'd expect from aircraft such as the NG lineup.
  7. No, it's actually quite the opposite. Once again, I urge you to remember that North America is not the end of the world. Comparatively, ATR's 600 variant is way more widespread than the Q400 with aircraft operating in almost all continents. Just because YOU don't see ATRs because of your location, it doesn't mean that they aren't there. With regards to performance per dollar, the argument for the ATR 600 is a strong one. I can recall a few years ago my regional airline (LIAT Airlines) was faced with replacing their aging Q300, Q100 fleet. After weighing their options, the case for the ATR was stronger, especially on the shorter commuter routes that is more common everywhere else that isn't in North America. With the 600 receiving more orders than the Q400, it's pretty absurd to say that demand isn't there for this aircraft. With that being said, I'm sure PMDG has their hands full, I don't expect to see them making either anytime soon - but I hope I am wrong. Maybe we'll eventually see a resurrection of PMDG's Dash-8 project in the future, but Majestic has also started work on their Q200/300 variants.
  8. I'm sure by no means PMDG develops aircraft just based on popularity or what's common - more like whatever they want to and whatever they can access material for. Let us also not forget that the the world continues outside of the borders of the USA and North America. You say that the ATR isn't very common around the world but then give statistics for the USA. The ATR 600 variant is also outselling the Q400 variant everywhere else that isn't North America - so it is odd that you'd say it isn't selling well. They're slower, fly less of the distance but are cheaper and more fuel efficient than their Q400 counterpart. I suspect the only reason the Q400 outsells in North America is that extra distance, allowing operators to replace a jet with a turboprop. At the end of the day I'm not really too worried about what aircraft the team makes as I know it'll be good, but it surely doesn't help to spread misinformation.
  9. The 'NGX' is a completely different product to the 'NG' that was in FS9. The 'NGX' is version 1 of this airplane, and I'm sure any modifications to the existing NGX will deem it version 2.
  10. I can share all of your experiences. Definitely a breath of fresh air indeed! With regards to the interface, I agree - it definitely is rough around the edges but once you understand what you're doing it's as intuitive as it could be.
  11. I have silently waited for my very own woodpigeon. If I can get a beta team invite then all would be well. I just don't know if we'll find space to store the Segway! Personally would love to see the NG in X-Plane 10 (maybe call it the PMDG NGXP) above all, especially a PMDG rendition
  12. Ah okay, that is clear - it does make sense. Thanks for the response Rob. All the best with tomorrow's release.
  13. Good day guys, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. :smile: I have been an X-Plane user now for some time and I am extremely delighted to be alive to witness PMDG's ventures with the sim. With the impending release of the DC-6, I am now curious about PMDG's potential future on the platform. Although I have read countless times that the company indeed plans to continue on the platform, I am more interested in feasibility. What hurdles have the team overcame in their endeavors? Is it a drastically time consuming process to develop for both platforms simultaneously? How different has the development process been for both platforms? I'm also interested in knowing if the team sees parallel (with regards to time and product type) development for both simulations in the upcoming years, or should we expect more of a branched approach, where porting a product from one sim to another is the more efficient route. These questions are particularly interesting to me since I have spent some time developing my own addons in X-Plane with more efficiency than other sims, such as FSX and its derivatives. Thank you in advance,
  14. How has the development on the X-Plane platform been for the PMDG team? I know before setting out on this endeavor the team expected some difficulties (or perhaps, challenges when working with the unfamiliar platform) - how were they handled, and do you see the XP platform being a feasible platform for development in the future? I am very interested as I have made the switch to X-Plane some time ago, and I cannot look back now.
  15. That line gave me chills. Imagine having to accept your fate like that in real life. After going inverted without control surface operational there's not much you can do, imagine just giving up like that in real life guy? That's chilling.
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