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  1. I haven't flown the MD11 in a while, but as it's a pretty standard VNAV function, I'd be surprised if it couldn't do it.
  2. Use Vertical Speed. In the time it takes you to figure out how to do it nicely, you'll be half way to your new altitude. Paul
  3. I've seen some daft things on youtube, but this one has certainly taken the cake...
  4. I'm not sure what MD11 operators have this option, but that's how all Airbus cockpits look. Paul
  5. I take it that you've never been in a single engine airplane at night over water, or some sort of unforgiving terrain? I'm not afraid to go fly in a single, but given the choice in many situations, I'd rather be in a twin. I'll take my chances. Paul
  6. If PMDG makes a CRJ, I'd hope they make the -700. According to a friend I have whose airline operates both models, the -700 is MUCH nicer. Paul
  7. Actually Luke, you can fail stage checks. I've seen it happen multiple times. Take them seriously. By the time you get to stage check 3, you're expected to be performing to PTS. Paul
  8. Lizzard, I don't know how to make this any more simple. there is nothing wrong with your IRS, graphics card, or anything else. In the menu that you took a picture of, you need to change the option from line/triangle to precision/bowtie. Paul.
  9. He's training under part 141 (as opposed to part 61) where the school has to do stage checks. They're a bit like mid-term exams. Paul
  10. PMDG Optins Menu > Airline Options-Displays > Altitude, Speed and heading Indicator bugs. stefltt, his IRS is aligned. Paul
  11. I think it would be a visual, backed up with an ILS. Paul
  12. You've changed the MD11 display options. You need to go back to the PMDG menu and select the precision display (I think that's what it's called). Paul
  13. I think that's a new record for forum help. Thanks! Paul
  14. Hello, Would anybody know how to get the ACARS chime from the 777? Does anybody know of a sound package that may have it? it's at 0:16 in this video Thanks Paul
  15. I never said they shouldn't do it, but from a pilot's point of view it's kind of silly. Most of the time the pilot's don't even know if the plane has mood lighting, and all of the time, they don't care. As a passenger, I think it's quite nice. As a pilot, I couldn't give a hoot whether or not the FA has the mood lighting on or off. On your freighter comment, I honestly wouldn't care if a freight variant is modelled or not. The differences between a freighter and passenger aircraft are nominal from a pilot's point of view. The systems are essentially identical. On the 777, I imagine the most obvious differences will be with the fire suppression system, and perhaps the packs. I would prefer a freighter, but as the biggest difference is outside the plane, and I'm inside the plane, I wouldn't die. I'd rather see a product with a 100% (or as close as FS can get) accurate cockpit than one with superfluous eye-candy. But like I said earlier, this is purely academic, as I have no plans to buy the VC-only 777. Paul
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