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  1. What plane was that? An Airbus? Sounds like Airbus behaviour :)Seriously though, if you were on final, an autopilot disconnect should at least have kept you on the same trajectory, not start a climb!Paul
  2. Hi Phil,How do change the scale of your laptop in fullscreen? I have a laptop too, but have to fly in window mode because I can't stand looking at the stretched displays!Paul
  3. That MAY be the OFFPATH DESCENT circle being displayed. PMDG has not implemented it, but it exists in the 744, where the FMC will show you a clean descent circle, and one with spoilers extended.Paul
  4. I was thinking more of the timing for fuel loading; so instead of going from 20%fuel to 100% fuel in 2 seconds, the loading time would be simulated.Paul
  5. >Mike,>>what's so beautiful is that in the MD-11 you can sit there and>whatch the fuel coming in and being distributed later on by>the Fuel System Controller, all on the Fuel Page of the SD. Be>aware that fuelling procedures might take up to an hour,>fortunately you'd have plenty of preparations to do :)>>Regards,>MarkusCan the 744 update include this also? It would be great!!!Paul
  6. >>>>Would that company happen to fly white yellow and blue>planes>>with a popular male name on the side? >>>>I'm afraid yes...but I don't understand what you mean with>"the Captain's disregard for CRM" ?>>Jose Luis.I read the official report. It was a high total time captain with a FO that had much less total time. The FO had way more time on thee type than the captain though. The captain ignored most of the FO's warnings and advisories, presumably because of the huge difference in experience levels. I've heard (unconfirmed / unofficial) that the captain has been demoted.Paul
  7. >Having such a message in the upper EICAS permits to run the>landing checklist WITHOUT LOOKING DOWN to the pedestal (in>real life) or without having to open the throttle panel (when>PC simming).>>I have read about a recent incident with a low cost company>crew (I will not say which) that were cleared for a different>approach to the one they had programmed in the FMC. They both>(??), then, were engaged looking down reprogramming the FMC,>and afterwards found themselves at 400 ft agl and at 230 kts>(!!!). Fortunately they could manage the situation and landed>safely the aircraft. >>So, looking down instead of looking forward is not a good idea>when you are on final approach.>>Jose Luis. Would that company happen to fly white yellow and blue planes with a popular male name on the side? If so, a big part of that was the Captain's disregard for CRM.Paul
  8. PMDG doesn't have a WINDS page, only a feature to input wind at an altitude. The actual FMC has a whole page dedicated to winds at each waypoint. You can enter winds at up to 4 altitudes for each waypoint, as well as the temp at one level. It looks something like the DES FORCAST page found on the VNAV DES page.Paul
  9. Can't answer the winds question, but it would be great if we could get an ACARS uplink of the wind from activesky once the wind page is modelled.
  10. >Peter,>>what you describe sounds like a typical behaviour for many>people using desktop simulators... hop in and off we go! I've>done that too...>>Now speaking of that it might interest you that we'll take>care of it for the MD-11! Meaning... should you really take>off without putting ANYTHING into the FMS the aircraft will do>exactly what the real one would. For that we took the time and>did that in the level-d simulator to note and check>everything that happens in such a case. And believe me there>are quite some differences between a normal procedures>take-off and one with no preparation at all. And all that will>be modelled accurately! :) >>Regards,>MarkusNow you went and whetted our appetites... :) what are some of the differences?Paul
  11. >>Thanks for the vid. Is there any way to download it instead>>of streaming it?>>mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile mms://...>>You can grab a binary copy of mplayer (free and open source)>for windows.>It will stream the video and dump it into .>>vlc may also be able to dump the stream.>>Cheers,>Pedro Venda.>Thanks Pedro...but i'm confused. Where do i type that in?Paul
  12. Thanks for the vid. Is there any way to download it instead of streaming it?Paul
  13. >Quite often the first indication of an engine failure is the>generator dropping off line as its frequency goes out of>tollerence,so you just get an ELEC GEN eicasI thought that the unexplained departure from the centerline would come first?Paul
  14. Thanks for the vid. That was a long takeoff roll though. They didn't have much room left at Vr.Paul
  15. Thanks for that, but why was he mentioning the compas on the ND? I don't think that the ND would be prone to the same errors!!Paul
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